Mastering Menopause

Private or Group Menopause Coaching Programs

  • Stop your menopause hot flashes, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, lack of energy and other challenging menopause symptoms!
  • Get over feeling tired and unmotivated to do anything!
  • Stop feeling old before your time!
  • Turn back the clock so you feel and look younger than you did 10 years ago!

Do you wish you could find all natural menopause remedies instead of the drugs, added hormones or even surgery your family doctor has offered?

Do you wish you could cut through all the menopause hype and confusion about what works on the Internet, and the oh-so-confusing dozens of menopause pills and creams at the natural food store or so-called expert books at the bookstore – all claiming to solve your menopause challenges?

There is a menopause coach who will help you do ALL of this, and more!

Do you have enough support during your menopause journey?

Friends are great when occasionally, we need a sympathetic ear but everyone has their limits. A friend is not usually qualified to offer menopause advice for complex situations. After awhile, the friend who has been listening may begin to feel inadequate or helpless, and the friendship may become one-sided.  Listening to same complaints about the same problems can cause frustration, impatience and resentment. Eventually, this can strain or destroy even the best of friendships.

Are you ready to stop complaining and work with a menopause expert to help you resolve your situation?

Are you looking for…

  • An expert who will tell you exactly what to do to make your menopause pain go away and stay with you to make sure you do it right?
  • A professional to listen when it all gets to be too much, to encourage and inspire you to take charge of your life again?
  • An expert who will kick your butt, if you need it, and remind you why you decided to make changes? Someone who will inspire you to follow through with your promises to yourself when the going gets tough?
  • Someone to applaud your efforts and cheer your progress and your results?
  • A professional who really cares about you and your wellness, who has the specialized knowledge, experience and heart-felt compassion to help you through this difficult time in your life, so you didn’t have to go through this sometimes scary and confusing time of your life all by yourself  – alone?

I provide all of that – and MORE! I’ve been helping women to thrive through menopause even before I graduated from college with my holistic health practitioner diploma seven years ago.

What I’ve found is that women can experience menopause challenges at any stage in their journey. Some begin noticing subtle beginning signs that their bodies are behaving differently in their late 30s or early 40s. Many don’t understand what’s happening. That may come much later, after years of escalating symptoms; thinking something’s wrong with them; being unable to get a diagnosis or treatment that helps. Many women are sure ‘this’ can’t be menopause.

Some women experience more problems with troubling symptoms after menopause.

A woman may get a prescription to help reduce mysterious symptoms: a drug to help her sleep, or drug to help her stop feeling so anxious or depressed.  Drugs can make the situation worse – especially when the real problem is emotional, related to long-term stress, adrenal or thyroid deficiencies, food sensitivities or body inflammation.

Every woman is different. Women who smoke go through menopause at a younger age than women who don’t. I’ve noticed that women who have led an unhealthy lifestyle of untreated chronic stress of any origin, alcohol or drug abuse (of any kind!), bad food and poor sleep habits are usually the ones who develop the most severe menopause symptoms.

Many women think there’s a magic pill that can make menopause go away. I have to take away your hope for that. There is no magic bullet for a difficult menopause.

I believe the medical community is doing women a huge disservice when it comes to menopause. It seems to be a catch-all diagnosis for symptoms that show up when a woman is in her 40s or 50s. Usually she is offered hormone replacement therapy as an easy ‘fix-it’ solution, similar to how doctors once offered teenage girls the birth control pill to control painful periods and bad PMS. But this solution could have serious side-effects and doesn’t work for many women.

Menopause, or what’s come to be called menopause, may in fact be a set of symptoms that have manifested as a consequence of long-term stress on the body, mind and/or spirit that have not been completely resolved or have been ignored for many years. This stress may have its roots in unresolved emotional issues and non-supportive beliefs dating back to childhood, current unhappy or hostile relationships, poor diet and nutritional deficiencies, toxins in the environment or from bad lifestyle choices (alcohol, recreational drugs, cigarettes) or chronic lack of sleep.

Yes, it’s possible that you have hormonal imbalances, but they may not have started with your sex hormones and they may not be directly the result of peri- or pre- menopause. Your body’s hormones are all connected, and when one is out of balance, it doesn’t take long for all of them to become that way.

It’s interesting to know that several health conditions, including food intolerance,  hypothyroidism (low thyroid function) and adrenal fatigue (long-term stress produces negative effects on the adrenal glands), can present some of the same symptoms thought to be part of menopause.

There can be emotional factors involved too. A woman may have tolerated a negative emotional situation for years – such as a bad marriage or toxic relationships with friends or family, but by the time she’s in her 40s and 50s, she can no longer keep the lid on her own personal jack-in-the-box of growing symptoms. What’s going on in your life can be manifested into symptoms as your body tries to ‘talk’ to you – to get you to take action to resolve the unsatisfactory situation. When your symptoms become obvious they can become overwhelming.

By the time a woman presents herself to her primary care practitioner she’s likely to have a long list of symptoms that don’t lead to a definite diagnosis because they’re really not representative of one specific condition. Menopause can get the blame and hormone replacement presented as the ultimate solution. Well, it’s not. In fact, hormone replacement doesn’t deal with the underlying cause – just symptoms. It can make things worse and expose you to health risks that are unacceptable and unnecessary to resolve your troubles.

A challenging pre menopause time can affect work, relationships and life satisfaction. It can make you feel like your life is out of control and you’re going crazy.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The missing piece of any book, online or CD program is the personal touch of live coaching and support that will keep you on track for success.  I offer you two choices so you can get the attention and level of care you want.

Mastering Menopause Coaching Programs

Option #1

Private 1:1 Coaching With Wendy Vineyard

Your holistic 1:1 menopause coaching program will enhance your body, mind, spirit and emotional health.

Your program is unique to you because the recommendations it contains are in response to information you provide on questionnaires you’ll complete concerning your current health and wellness. Your comprehensive private Menopause Coaching Program is your personalized guide to making lifestyle choices that will result in a happier, healthier you – for life!

This program includes natural menopause solutions  that you can begin to implement immediately, without feeling overwhelmed. And I know you’ll like this…your plan includes the latest information on how you can cost-effectively slow or reverse aging from the inside out and improve your ‘youngevity’ and quality of life as the years pass.

Why does the 1:1 Mastering Menopause Program last six months?

There are several reasons for the six month time frame. Menopause is a multi-faceted time of life and it affects each woman differently. You may require more time with certain aspects, less time with others. You’ll phase in new ideas and recommendations over time because you’ll feel more relaxed and open to change if it doesn’t have to happen all at once. New healthier habits take three to six months to become a normal part of your routine.

Benefits of having a Private Menopause Coaching Program – Your customized program will contain everything you need to know to balance your body, mind and spirit at menopause. Your plan will help you to achieve better health and wellness now, and beyond your change of life. Depending on your needs, your plan includes how to:

  • Balance your hormones naturally
  • Lose weight and keep it off
  • Improve your diet to reduce the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, adult-onset diabetes, blindness, cancer, heart disease and arthritis
  • Remove environmental toxins from your body
  • Boost your brain function
  • Reduce inflammation and risk for developing Alzheimer’s
  • Naturally increase your energy
  • Learn how to slow and even reverse aging naturally
  • Stop hot flashes and night sweats
  • Slow, reduce and ‘reverse’ the aging process
  • Avoid an unnecessary hysterectomy
  • Ease sadness and depression
  • Create inner peace
  • Avoid anxiety, overwhelm, doubt and fear
  • Learn techniques to get ‘grounded’ and eliminate stress
  • Rejuvenate enjoyment of your sexuality
  • Relieve insomnia and have deeper, more restorative sleep

Your private 1:1 Menopause Coaching Program includes:

    1. A written menopause plan customized to address your menopause challenges and your health and wellness goals.
    2. Six months of private weekly or bi-weekly menopause coaching /accountability sessions (frequency is your choice) to  support and guide you as you implement your menopause plan.
    3. Recordings of all our sessions so you can listen again and again!
    4. Unlimited e-mail access to me for the duration of your program.
    5. Menopause Checklist – Complete this symptom list to keep track of your challenging menopause symptoms and stay current with your menopause status.
    6. Personal Wellness Questionnaire – Complete this questionnaire to provide a ‘snapshot’ record of your current health and wellness.
    7. Hormone Symptom Checklist – Which of your hormones are out of balance? Take his checklist to find out. Bring the results to your doctor to discuss the necessity for blood and saliva testing.
    8. Mood and Food Log – Track the foods you eat and their effect on your moods so you’ll know the foods that nourish you and the ones that sabotage your enjoyment of life.
    9. Special Report #1: How to Stop Hot Flashes & Night Sweats – Specific remedies to alleviate and prevent hot flashes and night sweats. A 10.95 value
    10. Special Report #2: How to Overcome Insomnia During Your Menopause Years – Practical, easy-to-use solutions for eliminating insomnia during your menopause years. A $7 value.
    11. Special Report #3: How to Use Natural Remedies to Stay Hot & Juicy Before, During and After Menopause – Bothered by dry vagina, low libido? Learn how you can regain your moxie and enjoy making love again. A $7 value.
    12. Bonus Book: Eat Well, Live Well – Download a copy of my popular book ‘Eat Well, Live Well – Wellness Guide & Recipes for Vibrant Health’. This guide will show you delicious and creative ways to eat more raw foods, without necessarily eating more salads! A $14.95 value!
You have my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
Experience my Private Menopause Coaching Program for two weeks

and if you’re not satisfied, I’ll refund your money!!


Mastering Menopause Coaching Programs

Option #2

Group Menopause Coaching Program With Wendy Vineyard

Are you struggling with menopause hot flashes, anxiety, lack of energy, body aches, brain fog and more?

Would you like to have expert help from an experienced, compassionate menopause coach who really cares?

Would you like to have the support of other women just like you?

My Group Menopause Coaching Program is for you!

I’ll personally guide and support you and a small group of other women through your physical, mental and emotional menopause challenges using practical, natural remedies. I’ll provide specific solutions for your most urgent menopause problems – low energy, fatigue, hot flashes/night sweats, weight gain, anxiety, brain fog, and others. We’ll also talk about natural anti-aging secrets, how to heal adrenal fatigue, low thyroid and the sexual challenges that most women experience because of menopause. You’ll learn which healthy lifestyle choices will help you heal, and I’ll guide our group through a short meditation at the end of each group call, plus a whole lot more!

This program is a six-month teleclass for which you’ll call in during scheduled calls. If you miss a call, let me know and I’ll send you the link to the recording.

The Mastering Menopause Group Coaching Program series includes…

  • Six monthly group sessions (60-70 minutes each)
  • Six ‘Listen and Learn’ calls about hot menopause topics – a new one each month
  • One 30-minute 1:1 session with me to discuss your personal  menopause concerns
  • A BONUS live Q & A group call at the end of the sessions when I’ll answer your questions about any of the topics we’ve covered during the series.
  • Unlimited e-mail access for the duration of the teleclass so you can get answers to your menopause-related questions.
  • After each session you’ll receive one of my BONUS SPECIAL REPORTS!
    • How to Stop Hot Flashes & Night Sweats
    • How to Overcome Insomnia During Your Menopause Years
    • How to Use Natural Remedies to Stay Hot & Juicy Before, During and After Menopause
    • A Dozen Secrets to Enjoy Drinking More Water
    • BONUS BOOK: ‘Eat Well, Live Well’ my recipe book and wellness guide – a downloadable book

Participating in the Group Menopause Coaching Program will give you the opportunity to get support and suggestions from the group, and help you stay accountable to the changes you’ll be making so that menopause becomes one of the best times in your life!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Experience my Menopause Group Coaching Program for two weeks and if you’re not satisfied, I’ll refund your money!!

Contact Wendy for information on pricing and availability today. Stop waiting to feel like your best self! E-mail your name, Skype address, and telephone number to Write “Group Coaching Program” in the subject line.