Coaching 1:1 With Wendy

Everyone needs help at some point in their lives – and menopause is one of those predictable times when help can make all the difference between a joyful or a miserable life. The key is finding the right person to give you the help you want and need.

Are you experiencing one or two troublesome menopause symptoms that could possibly be solved within a private coaching session or two? Are you feeling emotional distress that’s nagging at your peace of mind – only since you realized you were nearing menopause that might require a few sessions to work through? You know what I mean – the old ‘stuff’ from the near, or distant past that’s causing upset and sadness and ruining too many moments of your NOW.

Why trust me? See my ‘About’ page for my story and why I am passionate about helping women to thrive through menopause naturally.

It will be my privilege to help you to resolve these blocks to happiness and release those limiting beliefs once-and-for-all using a scientifically proven process that reduces stress and provides lasting relief from emotional trauma and disturbing memories. I offer sessions on Skype or by phone.


Individual Coaching Program With Wendy Vineyard

I work holistically – body, mind and emotions. I want to help you ‘unpack’ your deeper unresolved emotions, work on your self-esteem and help you find the physical and emotional relief for which you’ve been searching.

During our sessions we will work on emotional healing, and I’ll suggest food, supplements and healthy lifestyle choices that will help you deal with your menopause symptoms by nourishing your body. These will help you even when you use pharmaceutical drugs.

I usually book 90-minute appointments so we can really make the time count and do more tapping rounds. I charge $149/hour and $197 for 90 minutes.

Invest in Yourself – Choose a single 90-minute session to try us out, or invest in yourself by purchasing packages of three to six sessions that will save you money too!

Please complete the questionnaire at to give me the information I’ll need to help you. Contact me if you have questions or want information on pricing and booking your sessions: