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FREE Menopause Strategy Session

MenopauseStrategySessionIf you’re serious about changing what doesn’t work in your life, I invite you to start with a FREE 30-minute Menopause Strategy Session with me. I charge $300 for a one-hour consultation, but you can have 30 minutes absolutely no charge – a $150 value!

During our private 1:1 get-acquainted session we’ll discuss your healthy aging goals, what you’ve done and are currently doing to enhance your well-being. We’ll talk about what may be stopping you from achieving what you want. What is it costing you to stay where you are? This is your opportunity to ask questions, hear about my approach and see if there’s a good fit for us to work together.

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Menopause Coaching

MenopauseCoachingPrivate or Group Menopause Coaching Programs

  • Stop your menopause hot flashes, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, lack of energy and other challenging menopause symptoms!
  • Get over feeling tired and unmotivated to do anything!
  • Stop feeling old before your time!
  • Turn back the clock so you feel and look younger than you did 10 years ago!

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30 Day Weight Loss Coaching – FREE

WeightLossCoachingI’ll coach you through a proven-successful,  all-natural nutritional cleanse that will transform your weight, muscles and energy – within a month – FREE! Yes, when you purchase your cleansing program through me, the first month of coaching through the program will cost you nothing!! It will be my pleasure to inspire and encourage you to success on the 30-day Cleansing and Fat Burning System!

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Individual Coaching Packages

IndividualCoachingI work holistically – body, mind and emotions. I want to help you ‘unpack’ your deeper unresolved emotions, work on your self-esteem and help you find the physical and emotional relief for which you’ve been searching.

During our sessions we will work on emotional healing, and I’ll suggest food, supplements and healthy lifestyle choices that will help you deal with your menopause symptoms by nourishing your body. These will help you even when you use pharmaceutical drugs.

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How is Wendy Different

WendyWhy work with Wendy?

Would you believe me if I tell you that it’s possible for you to change all that and enjoy your menopause years? That you can take back control and be in charge of how you feel every day?

It is possible! It is your RIGHT to enjoy your life at any age and stage – including menopause!

Find out:

  • What about hormone replacement?
  • What other solutions are there for uncomfortable menopause symptoms?
  • Is it menopause or something else?
  • Is it possible to slow down, or reverse aging?
  • How can you enjoy better health and wellness at menopause and as you age?
  • How do I choose the right expert for my unique situation?
  • Why should I choose Wendy Vineyard as my menopause coach?

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