You Can Heal Your Life – Book & DVD

I love it that they’re selling the book and DVD of the same name in a package! How perfect. This combo is not specifically for menopause, but it will give you an excellent resource to interpret menopause challenges with your body and emotions.

I studied Medical Intuition in college and absolutely LOVED it. Louise Hay’s translation of the message from your body re: menopause problems is “Fear of no longer being wanted. Fear of aging. Self rejection. Not feeling good enough.” The affirmation she offers to work past these limiting beliefs is “I am balanced and peaceful in all changes of cycles, and I bless my body with love.” Her interpretation of insomnia, a common menopause condition, is: “Fear. Not trusting the process of life. Guilt. The affirmation is: “I lovingly release the day and slip into peaceful sleep, knowing tomorow will take care of itself.” One more: overweight: “Fear, need for protection. Running away from feelings. Insecurity, self-rejection. Seeking fulfillment.” The affirmation is: I am at peace with my own feelings. I am safe where I am. I create my own security. I love and approve of myself.” The DVD is a loving testement to the vision and tenacity of Louise Hay throughout her career and is an inspiration for anyone who wants to achieve and contribute more to a world that needs more compassion.