Dr. Susan Lark’s Hormone Revolution

I have two of Dr. Lark’s other books and love them.

When I saw this one, I got excited – until I saw the last tool in her toolbox – bioidentitical hormones.

You know, I don’t believe most women need added hormones of any kind, but I do believe that SOME women do. Most women will be able to go through menopause without any added hormones. They’ll be able to nourish their bodies with food, supplements and herbs that will enable their bodies to produce the hormones they need to thrive through menopause.

I believe menopause is a journey where a woman must figure out what works for her – no cookie-cutter approach will do. That being said, one of my mottos is to ‘take what you need and leave the rest’. So, assuming you want to manage your menopause naturally without drugs or added hormones, I believe this book is an excellent resource. When a woman’s hormones are out of balance, she experiences symptoms ranging from PMS, fibroid tumors, and mood swings, to insomnia, elevated stress, and weight gain. Hormone imbalance also leads to serious conditions such as heart disease, osteoporosis, and breast cancer.

In the newest groundbreaking book by well-known women’s health expert Susan M. Lark, MD, along with Kimberly Day, shares with women of all ages, her exciting and effective all-natural program on how to restore and balance their own hormones. She combines three decades of research, scientific findings, and her own clinically time-tested treatments for restoring and balancing hormones naturally. into one comprehensive book.She explains how hormones are produced in the body and what factors cause hormone imbalances. You can then determine which of three hormonal “types” you are, so you can choose safe, effective, well-studied natural remedied to fit your unique hormonal profile, symptoms, and health goals.Therapies include the use of herbs, foods, nutritional supplements, energy medicine therapies, diet, exercise, stress management, and bioidentical hormones.