Focus & Energy – Personal Aromatherapy Diffuser

I’ve used an aromatherapy diffuser just like this one to scent an entire room for years. I really like it beause there’s no danger of burning down the house if you forget about it like there is with a candle diffuser! Mostly kidding! :-) To change the essential oil, just remove the rectangular pad, insert a fresh one, add 3 to 4 drops of the new oil and replace in the older. This device is designed to use pure essential oils – not like the toxic, artificial, chemical plug-in scent diffusers advertised on TV. Get the real thing! I suggest you start with Lavender and/or Eucalyptus essential oil. Purchase the best oils you can afford from a reputable seller. If you prefer to purchase online, look for the aromatherapy supplier link on the right margin of my website and click there to purchase high quality, organically grown essential oils. Mountain Rose Herbs has been around for many years and sells only the best!