Wendy August 21, 2012 WebsiteI’m Wendy Vineyard, The Career Woman’s Menopause Coach!

I help women to thrive through menopause – naturally without drugs or added hormones – and then become too healthy for a nursing home!

I have a college diploma in holistic health and 10 years experience helping hundreds of women to enjoy greater health and wellness using proven safe and effective natural remedies.

Why do I do this work? It’s a personal story.

My mother, now aged 80 and still quite active, had a hysterectomy 30 years ago because of complications from uterine fibroids. She went on hormone replacement therapy until 2002, and even now, she still has occasional hot flashes!

My mom resists change – she just wants to do what she’s always done – with food, her health and her lifestyle. Even though she now uses them, she is reluctant to take supplements and natural remedies to enhance her quality of life. She was slow to accept the fact that her body was not working as efficiently as it could with the right nutrients and herbs.

Of course, my mom’s attitude is not unique. Have you ever noticed that when people get old or sick, they become fearful and resistant to making changes? This means that NOW is the best time to assess where you’re at, to make tweaks, stop what’s not working and start what will make a difference in your health, wellness and enjoyment of life.

My mother’s resistance illustrates why I want to reach women like you, in your 40s and 50s, to get you thinking NOW about your quality of life as you get older. Despite the fact that your life is hectic with family and work responsibilities, there’ll never be a better time to make essential lifestyle modifications, so you can achieve your best quality of life NOW and keep it for as long as possible.

My mom’s experience inspired me to do whatever I can to stay healthy, and to use only natural remedies to solve my menopause challenges. So far, so good. My menopause challenges have included, at various times: body pain, brain fog, mood swings, anxiety, fatigue and low energy.

I’ve never had a hot flash or night sweat; I handle stress better than I ever have in my life, I sleep soundly; and I’m at a body weight that pleases me. In fact my body is stronger and fitter now than at any point when I was younger!

I regret I have to tell you that there’s no magic pill or quick fix to achieve this level of wellness. I believe that my unusual (in today’s world!) state of health and wellness is because of the healthy food I eat and high quality supplements I take, regular internal cleansing, stress-reduction activities, consistent exercise and healthy, happy relationships with positive people, including my husband, and the joy I experience with my cat.

I believe that 90 per cent of menopause challenges can be solved naturally – especially if you start addressing them early. That goes against the common thinking of our medical system. Many doctors have “medicalized” menopause – turned it into a medical condition, rather than the natural life passage that it is. Many women have become fearful of their bodies. They dread menopause and what they’ll be like after their menstrual cycles end. It’s unnecessary suffering.

Yes, women living in our stressed-out modern world may require some kind of support – maybe even added hormones for awhile – if necessary – hopefully after you’ve gone the natural route. But adopting healthier lifestyle choices will result in the biggest difference you’ll ever make in your health, wellness and longevity, not a pill or cream manufactured by a pharmaceutical company.

What makes me qualified to help you?

  • At age 54, I’m approaching menopause too.
  • I’m a college-trained holistic health practitioner with several natural health diplomas (Reiki Master, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist) and have extensive knowledge, skills and experiences with natural remedies.
  • I ‘walk my talk’ and have lived a healthy lifestyle my entire life.
  • I’ve been helping women and their families achieve better health and wellness for 10 years. Women are the traditional gatekeepers of health and healing for their families. When I help women thrive during menopause, I help their families too.
  • I’m the author of an e-book called ‘Eat Well, Live Well’ – Wellness Guide and Recipe Book!
  • I started www.NaturalMenopauseNow.com in August 2010 to help women who want to thrive through menopause naturally – without drugs or added hormones.

My personal goal is to stay healthy in body, mind, emotions and spirit and live long enough to become a teenager again: 113, 114, 115 years or older! You may be skeptical, but I assure you that I’m doing what it takes to get there. When I achieve my goal and look back on my life – the age I am today will not be middle-aged!

On this website, I write about everything menopause – from hot flashes to unwanted facial hair; from releasing friendships that have run their course, to how to look and feel younger and how to stay hot and juicy in bed – before, during and after menopause!

I want to inspire thousands of women like you to become too healthy for a nursing home! Everyone wants high quality of life as they age, but the key is being willing to do whatever it takes to honor your body and set yourself up for healthy living now, and as you age.

Now, let me ask you a question – if YOU continue to make the same lifestyle choices that you’re making now, what do you expect YOUR quality of life to be as YOU age? If not now, then when will you be ready to take charge of your health and wellness?

Menopause can be the catalyst for you to find the way to become stronger and happier than you’ve ever been. It would be my honor to become your trusted natural menopause health and wellness guide.

You can take charge of your menopause experience and start loving your life again! Please see my ‘Services’ page on this website for more information about how we can work together!

You’ll notice that on this website, I freely give you my recommendations for products, books, services and techniques that I personally believe will enhance your menopause or life experience. As a trained and experienced healthy lifestyle and menopause coach, I believe it is my duty to share my informed opinion with women who are looking for answers and open to expert recommendations.

I’m not going to make you guess which brand or where to get it. I’m going to tell you – and I’ll tell you if I stand to gain an affiliate or associate commission or rebate if you make a purchase. Frankly, I see nothing wrong with being rewarded for helping someone find exactly what they’ve been searching for – especially if you, the purchaser pays nothing extra. Any money I receive this way comes from the company involved. These companies reward word-of-mouth recommendations so they can keep their costs and prices lower than if they were paying for expensive advertising. Win, win, win – that’s the business model I embrace. How about you?

If you have questions or suggestions, please share them with me and other readers by posting your comments on this website. Women want and need the advice and support of other women. It is my intention that this website be a supportive and welcoming place for you to get the help you want.

Please come back often and let me know how you’re doing on your menopause journey.

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Wendy Vineyard
The Career Woman’s Menopause Coach

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