Failing to cope well with stress can make you miserable during your menopause years – Part 2 of 2

Are you confused or concerned about what you need to do to have a healthy, symptom-free menopause? Conflicting advice from your doctor, friends, menopause experts and websites, books about women’s health, and health food stores with several lines of menopause products don’t make it easy. I spoke with women’s health expert and product formulator Lorna Vanderhaeghe about how women can take control of their hormone health at any age. This is the second of two parts of our interview.

Lorna – We have a big problem in North America with low thyroid. The thyroid gland is located in the front of the neck below the voice box. It secretes two hormones that are essential for regulating metabolism: T3 and T4. A deficiency in these hormones results in hypothyroidism – low thyroid.

Most medical doctors are using the TSH test as their standard for determining whether someone has low thyroid. That reference range for normal was based on 27-year-old males, not 50-year-old females. What happens is a lot of people fall within the normal range but have all the symptoms of low thyroid. I encourage people to get copies of their blood and urine tests, read them and keep them in a home health file so they can see what changes are occurring over time.

You want to keep your thyroid TSH levels below 2 so you have a minimal amount of low thyroid symptoms

There’s a huge list of low-thyroid symptoms – weight gain, sensitivity to cold, hair loss, dry skin, head, eyebrow and body hair loss, constipation, reduced libido, infertility, recurring miscarriages, never ending menopause, and more!

If you can’t get thyroid medication from your doctor yet because he doesn’t think your thyroid is bad enough, then what we do is use thyroid-supporting herbs.

THYROsmart is a Health Canada approved formula for thyroid support and function. It contains Ashwagandha, Guggal extract, Tyrosine, Pantothenic Acid, Potassium Iodide – a three molecule form that’s directly taken up by the thryroid, Copper and Manganese. Women can go a long way with a great multi-vitamin with minerals.

Wendy – Your products are absolutely amazing. You seem to have an answer for pretty much anything that can go wrong with a woman’s hormones at any age.

Lorna – Oh, absolutely! After spending the last 35 years of my life teaching people about nutrition, and the past 12 years dedicated to balancing hormones and helping women with their hormone conditions, we have a line of supplements that work. They’re tested, tried and true. They’re developed by a woman for women.

Wendy – What are age spots and how can we get rid of them?

Lorna – Age spots occur on the skin because skin cells turn over slower as we get older. They can also be caused by the birth control pill or high doses of progesterone. The way we treat it is we make sure people have high levels of antioxidants to improve the skin cell turnover rate. Protecting your skin from too much sun exposure is important. You can also use IPL lasers and sulforaphane ointment to clear them up. You want to make sure you have lots of antioxidants You can get them from a high quality multi-vitamin with minerals that includes A,C,E, selenium and zinc, and eat lots of blueberries and dark colored vegetables.

Wendy – Tell me more about Celadrin and how you can use it to minimize wrinkles.

Lorna – Over a decade ago I was asked to become the educator for the Celadrin raw material. They had done a few studies on arthritis. They had Celadrin in two forms – an oral form – a natural anti-inflammatory to halt inflammation in the joints. They also had a Celadrin cream that you apply to your skin that’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory. Participants in the arthritis study used the cream and noticed that the wrinkles on their knees were disappearing. As a result of that, they went to the University of California and did a wrinkle study using a 10% topical Celadrin cream. With excellent results – they saw the depth of their deep wrinkles reduced.

Wendy – I think you’re a fine example of a woman who’s aging magnificently. What three recommendations would you give to every woman to get her started looking younger?

Lorna – The three nutrients every single woman needs from the time she’s 12 until she dies …

  1. A top quality, full-spectrum multi-vitamin with minerals – calcium, magnesium and Vitamin D
  2. GLA – a fatty-acid that’s specific for the skin and is a powerful anti-inflammatory that stops breast and period pain
  3. ESTROsmart – A formula I developed to shrink my uterine fibroids and keep my estrogen and progesterone ratio normal.  It has so many wonderful benefits and is for women of all ages. Girls can start taking it once they have symptoms that their periods will start soon – for example, they can start taking it when they have breast buds and acne. Women who are post-menopausal take ESTROsmart to reduce their risk of breast cancer and to stop abnormal cell growth in the uterus, the cervix, endometrium and breasts.

Wendy – That covers even women who’ve had a hysterectomy too.

Lorna – Yes, it’s for all of us and any woman taking birth control pills, any woman taking bio-identical hormones or synthetic hormones should also be taking it because it halts the conversion of your healthy estrogen into cancer-causing estrogen.

Wendy – If a woman has been taking good care of herself, will she still need bio-identical hormones at some point?

Lorna – I find that very few women actually need bioidentical hormones. With the right diet, lifestyle, and nutritional supplements – most women won’t need any bioidentical hormones. I find that less than 20 per cent of women will need some type of bioidentical hormone to go through menopause. Then we use low dose and short-term.

You have to remember that hormones – even if they’re bio-identical – are powerful messengers in the body. You really need to know what you’re doing when you use bioidentical hormones. And although I write extensively about them, and I recommend them for some women, I don’t think every woman needs them.

Wendy – Better to try the natural route first?

Lorna – Right! And even if you’re on bioidentical hormones, you’ll meet hundreds of thousands of women who are on bioidentical hormones who are still getting symptoms. If they’re still getting symptoms, obviously their hormone mix is not working for them. Then we use diet, lifestyle, nutritional supplements, herbs and bioidentical hormones. We combine it all, because the goal is always ‘symptom-free’. I like bioidentical hormones – they work, but they have to be done properly because you can mess someone up pretty quickly using hormones. You have to have the right combination.

Wendy – This has been fantastic! Thank you so much Lorna. The information you’ve shared will help a lot of women.


NOTE: ‘Powerful Habits to Grow Younger Every Day’ will be published in April 2014. Sign-up for your free copy at

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