Natural anxiety remedies are a drug-free way to conquer stress and let it all go

Anxiety and menopause.

Can you believe there are people who doubt that anxiety can increase when your hormones are out of whack?

I’m a believer.

Anxiety can make your days a misery and your nights torture. Anxiety turns you into someone you, and your family, don’t recognize. Trust me, I’ve experienced periodic anxiety for more than 10 years and I still haven’t gone through menopause even though I turned 55 last month (September 2013!!)

I’ve had a lot of time to experiment with natural anxiety remedies. My biggest anxiety tamers are Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques aka EFT), B-vitamins, chamomile tea, a New Roots supplement called ‘Chill Pills’, the simple, super easy Time Line Therapy technique for Anxiety, meditation and exercise. It’s also helpful to avoid stimulants such as caffeine, and learn how to protect your boundaries so you avoid getting stressed by doing what you don’t want to do (see below).

Tapping – Have you heard about Tapping? Tapping founder Gary Craig says ‘try it on everything’. Yes, it works for anxiety and insomnia too! There’s a well-kept secret about Tapping – and it’s a secret because it’s so unbelievable that unless you’re open to complementary medicine and its unexplored benefits, you might dismiss EFT without even trying it. With my eyes closed, lying in bed, I visualize tapping on the face and body points with the intention of relaxing and falling asleep. I don’t actually ‘do’ anything physical in this process of falling asleep. That’s because I’m so exhausted from tossing and turning because of middle-of-the-night anxiety, I don’t want to move any more. This really works. I encourage you to try it for yourself. You can learn the tapping points in about 5 minutes – search for the following post on “EFT is a Drug-Free Treatment for Menopause Reduces Frequency and Intensity of Hot Flashes”.

B-Vitamins – Take all the B’s at the same time for greatest benefit. B5, also known as Pantothenic acid, is the most important stress fighter. It aids in the functioning of adrenal hormones, is important for healthy skin and nerves and aids utilization of certain vitamins and iron. It is also essential for the synthesis of cholesterol, fatty acids and steroids, prevents premature aging and wrinkles and is involved in the production of healthy antibodies. When you don’t have enough, it can result in an inability to handle stress.

Chamomile Tea – Chamomile is a traditional remedy for stress and anxiety, indigestion and insomnia It also helps colitis, diverticulosis, flatulence, fever, headaches and pain. It’s an excellent, gentle sedative.

Chill Pills – don’t you just love the name?! – is a herbal and vitamin supplement from New Roots Herbal. It contains Holy Basil, Phellodendron, Royal Jelly, Astragalus, L-theanine, Rhodiola, Passionflower, Avena Sativa (oats), Magnolia, Ashwaghandha, Red Jujube and the B-vitamins. You can take it a few hours before you know you’re going to have to be around people or events that stress you out.

For information about Time Line Therapy and setting healthy boundaries, see and /Blog.

Have the suggestions I’ve shared here helped you? Do you have favorite ways to handle anxiety, stress and insomnia? Please share!

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