Can coconut oil reduce belly fat at menopause?

coconut oil for weight loss, belly fat loss, menopause, perimenopauseDid you know that coconut oil can help you release fat and inches – especially on your abdomen? That’s significant during your menopause years when most women are at risk for gaining a few pounds without changing anything.

 What did you say? Fat can make you thin?

It seems to make no sense – since we’ve been told for decades by experts quoted in popular press news reports that we’ve got to avoid fat if we want to stay thin or get thinner. Low-fat products currently abound on grocery store shelves. It’s normal to see low-fat 0%, 1% or 2% milk, yogurt and ice cream promoted as healthier choices.

After decades of believing that a low-fat diet is the answer to losing weight and enjoying optimal health, why are nearly two thirds of all adults in the US considered to be overweight? Did you know that obesity increases a person’s risk for several serious conditions, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, and some types of cancer? There’s a health crisis in North America and part of the answer is eating more fat, not less.

Fats are an essential part of life. Without them, we couldn’t survive. Vitamins A. D, E, and K—are soluble in fat – not water.  When fat is removed from a food, many of the fat-soluble compounds are removed too. 

There are 4 facts about fat and refined carbs that may surprise you.

  1. Fat-free and low-fat foods are why some people overeat carbohydrates, which is what really contributes towards increased body fat. When you don’t have fat in your food, you don’t feel like you’ve had enough to eat – because fat adds satiety to our meal—a feeling of having had enough to eat. Without it, our ‘hunger’ can lead to overeating carbohydrates and the development of body fat.
  2. A diet rich in natural foods is a naturally high-fat diet! Think of meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and fruit (olives, avocados, coconuts, etc.), nuts and seeds (walnuts, almonds, sesame seeds, cashews, grape seeds, etc.), and whole grains. Your body needs fats to produce hormones and cell membranes!
  3. One of the causes of obesity is refined carbohydrates from pasta, rice and bread – foods that we’ve been told should be the staple of our healthy low-fat diet. If you cut out refined carbohydrates, you will lose weight.
  4. Scientific research shows that polyunsaturated vegetable oils, including those made from canola, sunflower seeds and soy, and hydrogenated vegetable oils contribute towards making you fat!

If those oils are unhealthy, which fats and oils are healthy? It’s not just any kind of fat that nourishes your body and helps keep you thinner. Margarine is a toxic chemical that also contributes towards obesity, and lard and butter are full of the growth hormones and antibiotics injected into the cows. What’s left?

Healthy oils include flax seed, fish oil, and olive oil, but coconut oil is unique among vegetable oils because it has medium chain fatty acids that are quickly used by the body for energy, not stored as fat. It reduces your body’s need to produce insulin – too much of which is connected to weight gain. Those medium chain fatty acids are the same as those found in human breast milk. There’s plenty of research that coconut oil leads to a faster metabolism and weight loss for many people.

Many people who report using 2 to 4 tablespoons of coconut oil daily with meals report the following results:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Weight loss – particularly abdominal fat
  • Fewer cravings for carbs and sugar, and between meal snacks
  • Feeling of fullness after meals
  • Improved skin and hair
  • Reduced mood swings
  • Controlled blood sugar levels
  • Candida overgrowth reduction
  • Body detoxification, balances the digestive tract and nourishes cells

Is coconut oil a magic elixir for weight loss at menopause or any other time of your adult life?  Does it work for everyone? No, but it could help – and it’s worth a try. You’ll still need to exercise regularly, remove unhealthy oils, fats, artificial sweeteners and caffeine from your diet, lower your caloric intake, cleanse your body and consume healthy food – including high quality whey protein, which supports weight loss. Be aware that hormonal imbalances – typical during menopause – can contribute to weight gain too.

If you want to see what coconut oil can do for you, I suggest you look for ‘aroma free’ organic, unrefined coconut oil on the stores of your local natural food store. Start with 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in your breakfast whey protein shake and over a few weeks work up to your tolerance level within the range of 2 to 4 tablespoons daily. Expect your weight loss to be gradual so stick with it for at least a couple of weeks to know if it works for you! Note: one tablespoon of coconut oil contains 117 calories. Pay attention to how it’s affecting you. If you find you’re gaining weight instead of losing it – you know coconut oil isn’t for you!

Please comment and share your results with others here!

Got a question about menopause? Feel free to ask! The answer could be in my next blog post!


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