New Study Indicates: Long-Term Estrogen Therapy Does Up Breast Cancer Risk

And so, the debate about using added hormones at menopause heats up again!!

Ugh! When will we finally ‘get it’ that adding foreign hormones to our bodies is NOT a good thing?

Experts quoted in today’s news story (see link below) are already recommending that women use hormone replacement no longer than a year or so to avoid side effects from added hormones. Why is any additional risk acceptable?

There are many, many natural remedies that can reduce or eliminate troublesome menopause symptoms. WHY, start with the complications and dangers of added hormones???!?! It makes perfect sense to start with lifestyle changes, eat superfoods, exercise regularly, and learn Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Everyone wants a fast magic bullet solution for everything, but hormone replacement doesn’t even qualify for that. It can take time and experimentation to get the dose right and even then the story isn’t over. Your body may require a higher dose sooner than you think – to get the same results. 

My website has many options to help you thrive through menopause naturally, without drugs or added hormones. There are many natural health practitioners out there who can help you nourish and honor your body rather than medicate your symptoms. When we start taking 100% responsibility for our own health and wellness, that’s when the real magic will happen.

Below is the link to the original story that appeared on

Long-Term Estrogen Therapy Does Up Breast Cancer Risk: Study

Please let me know how you feel about this issue. Comment below. I read all comments!

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