Could you be malnourished even though you ‘eat well’?

Today’s blog is not strictly about menopause, but if you’ve been reading my previous blogs you know how important I believe optimal nutrition is to a healthy menopause and anti-aging.

Have you ever talked to someone about dietary supplements and heard them say ‘I don’t believe in supplements. I eat healthy and I get everything I need from my diet.’

I hear this quite a lot and it bothers me – a lot.

Getting all our nutrients from food is ideal, but it’s not realistic to think that it’s actually possible any more.

Did you know that our food is deficient in minerals that are essential for our health? It doesn’t matter whether or not the food is conventionally or organically grown. Farmland is over-farmed and not replenished properly.

importance of minerals, nutritionally bankrupt food, modern farming, menopause, nutritionConventional farmers add inorganic anhydrous ammonia to their soil as fertilizer. Did you know that about 80% or more of the world-wide production of ammonia is used for fertilizing agricultural crops? About 40 to 60% of crop yields are attributable to commercial fertilizer use, which is considered essential for ‘high-yield harvest’. There’s no mention about the quality of the crops grown this way because this type of farming is not about nutrition. It’s about profits for the producer.

Inorganic fertilizers typically provide, six macronutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur and seven micronutrients: boron, chlorine, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. That accounts for 13 minerals. Where are the other 47 minerals science has proven our bodies need every day? Humans need to consume 60 minerals every day for optimal cell and tissue health.

The other piece of the puzzle about nutritionally bankrupt food is that even if more minerals are added to the soil, unless there’s a microscopic ecosystem of friendly bacteria in the soil, the plants grown there are unable to convert rock minerals into the plant-derived minerals that our bodies can use. What has happened to the soil ecosystem? It’s been killed by herbicides and pesticides farmers spray on the plants to protect their expected ‘high-yield harvest’.

Think about this…if the minerals are not in the soil, they’re not in our food – and they’re not in our bodies either. Plants can make vitamins, but not minerals which are required in order for our bodies to use vitamins and to effectively accomplish every biochemical function we have. This means that people who do not supplement with essential nutrients are malnourished even when they think they’re ‘eating healthy’.

Nobel prize winning scientist Linus Pauling knew it and so do many of today’s nutrition experts and supplement formulators. What’s the end result of mineral deficiencies? Disease and early death from malnutrition.

“You can trace every sickness, every ailment and every disease to a mineral deficiency,” said Pauling.

The obvious answer to this problem, aside from an improbable farming strategy of obtaining the right rock minerals, pulverizing them into powders, adding them to farmland around the world, and convincing farmers to stop poisoning the soil with insect-killing chemicals, is that we need to supplement the nutrients that are missing from our food.

nutritionally bankrupt soil, menopause, anti-agingJohn Anderson, co-founder and product formulator at Isagenix Nutritional Sciences created a proprietary blend of minerals that he adds to most Isagenix products – knowing that the minerals in Isagenix food and supplements may well be the only minerals that people consume every day.

Dr. Joel D. Wallach,  a naturopathic doctor, veterinary pathologist, product formulator and author, spent 50 years working in the fields of animal and human nutrition. He earned a bachelor of science degree in agriculture, majoring in animal husbandry (nutrition) and a minor in field crops and soils. He was a doctor of veterinary medicine and worked as a veterinary pathologist performing autopsies on thousands of farm, domestic, zoo and wild animals looking for their cause of death. In many cases death was caused by nutritional deficiencies. Later in his career, he earned his degree as a naturopathic doctor in order to be able to use the nutrition knowledge he gain working with animals to help humans.

Dr. Wallach is adamant that “when an animal or human dies of natural causes, they die of a nutritional deficiency disease.

He writes in his book ‘Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” that minerals are the long sought after ‘fountain of youth’. Wallach links mineral deficiency to obesity. People are so deficient in minerals that our cravings for salt and junk foods are really a cry for minerals, to which we reply with potato chips and candy, or other nutritionally bankrupt food. Our bodies are temporarily fooled when they interpret sugar and salt intake as a fulfillment of the cravings for essential minerals.

By the way, Wallach’s book title is his way of urging people not to consult with conventional doctors about nutrition advice. Why? Doctors don’t know anything about nutrition! They aren’t taught about nutrition in medical school because they’re busy learning about diagnostics, drugs and surgery. And why would you go to a doctor for nutrition advice so you can live longer, when doctors die five to seven years earlier, on average, than the average American ‘couch potato’ who goes off to meet his maker at age 75?

Makes you think, doesn’t it?

Please leave your comments and questions here about today’s post about the nutritional value of minerals.  Are you supplementing with minerals to help your menopause or slow aging?  I read all posts and answer as many as I can.

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