How to use maca to get rid of menopause problems

Looking for a one-stop natural remedy for troublesome menopause symptoms that doesn’t involve drugs or added hormones? Try Maca root.

natural HRT, menopause, maca, hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, It’s been called ‘herbal HRT’, but it’s really an amazing root vegetable that works with your body to eliminate even the worst symptoms of menopause.

Maca root is a nutrient-dense cruciferous vegetable from South America where it has been used for centuries to treat menopause and other sexual health complaints, and to promote optimal health. This superfood contains protein, vitamins, minerals including selenium, calcium, copper, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and iron, carbohydrates, fiber, and essential fatty acids.

Low or high levels of estrogen can cause health and wellness challenges for many women during and beyond their menopause years.  Maca is an adaptogenic herb that is a highly effective natural hormone-regulator. It nutritionally supports your body’s hypothalmus-pituitary-adrenal glands to balance your body’s hormone production. Your body produces its own estrogen, progesterone and other hormones that relieve menopause symptoms.

With regular use, Maca will improve or eliminate hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, insomnia, fatigue, low energy, breast tenderness, vaginal dryness and low sex drive.  Women who suffer from ‘brain fog’ will be thrilled to know that it brings mental clarity. It also helps to reduce the negative effects of stress, and helps overcome depression. Many athletes take Maca because it boosts energy and endurance levels. Looking to lose weight at menopause? Taking Maca root whole-food supplement will keep your appetite satisfied and help your body produce dopamine to keep you feeling happy and energized. 

Maca contributes to significant bone rebuilding and bone density improvement.

Some people notice Maca’s beneficial effects within two weeks, others might take up to 3 months. To increase its effectiveness over time, herbalists recommend using any herb for one or two months then take a week off, then start another cycle of one or two months.

Serving Suggestion:  Maca root has a pleasant nutty flavor and comes in powder or capsules. Start with 1/4 teaspoon powder daily increasing, as needed, to a tablespoon or more daily. Mix it with water, juice, smoothies, whey protein shakes, or stir it into cereal, oatmeal, applesauce, yogurt, or herbal tea. If you don’t like the taste, use capsules instead. Take Maca early in the day because it can cause insomnia if taken too close to bedtime.

Note: Women who take an iodine supplement to increase thyroid function may have to take their iodine and maca at different meals because maca, considered to be a cruciferous vegetable, could interfere with iodine absorption. If you take an iodine supplement, you may want to take it at least two hours away from taking maca to increase absorption.

Purchase maca powder and capsules at natural food stores.

Please leave your comments and questions here about today’s post about using Maca during menopause.  I read all posts and answer as many as I can.

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  1. Judy
    6 years ago

    A few months ago – surprise – I started experiencing the dreaded menopause symptoms of hot flashes and night sweats. As if the mental adjustment to aging wasn’t already a daily trial, I now had an added twist of six or more ‘flashes’ of sweat dripping everywhere during the day and one to two wake up calls with heat radiating off my body worse than in a sauna.

    Under the suggestion of Wendy to read her Menopause Now article, I tried Maca Root. Within 3 days I felt so much better. It’s been less than three weeks and I rarely have either symptom and when I do, the dramatically reduced effects hardly even register.

    Take Maca Root!!! You’ll think it’s a miracle ‘drug’. Miracle it is, without the drug!!

    • Wendy Vineyard
      6 years ago

      Hi Judy:

      I’m so glad that you’ve had such fast, effective results using Maca root for hot flashes. Sometimes the simplest things can solve the ‘biggest’ problems. This is another instance where the ‘cure’ is a natural product that helps nourish the entire body, rather than a drug or added hormone that addresses symptoms – not the root cause, which in the case of hot flashes, is a hormone imbalance.

      Thanks for sharing your results with us.



  2. Juliana
    5 years ago

    Hi, please? can you tell me how many capsules a day should I be taking of macca root? Thankyou. Juliana.

    • Wendy Vineyard
      5 years ago

      Follow the directions on the Maca supplement container to start. If you don’t achieve your purpose for taking Maca after 3 months of taking that dose, you can increase it by one until you feel an effect. The usual dose is 2 capsules daily. It is possible to take too much of a good thing. Too much maca powder – not the capsules – can cause painful abdominal cramps. By too much I mean more than 2 tbsp daily. Start with 1 tsp in your morning whey protein breakfast shake or stir it into oatmeal or applesauce.

  3. Laura
    5 years ago

    I have an odd situation. I am experiencing very early menopause and have been lucky enough to have a baby via very complex IVF. I am still breastfeeding her; my periods had returned for 8 months and now they have been gone for three. I am experiencing all the menopause symptoms you list; is maca safe to take while breastfeeding please?

    • Wendy Vineyard
      5 years ago

      That’s a great question Laura. I don’t think anyone could tell you if it’s ‘safe’ to use maca when you’re breastfeeding because the research with this food just isn’t there. Well, I said it is a food. Hmmm. People in the Andes have been using maca as a food for thousands of years. Does it cause problems for the babies of pregnant women and women who are breastfeeding? Don’t know. Maca generally comes in two forms- powdered gelatinized and concentrated. If I was breastfeeding and wanted the benefits of maca, I would take 100% responsibility for my choice to use the powdered maca in my breakfast shake. Keep in mind that maca is known to supply the body with substances it needs to make its own hormones. Maca is not known to reverse menopause, if that’s what’s happening to you, and if that’s why you want to take maca while breastfeeding.

  4. KS
    5 years ago

    I’m not going through menopause but just wanted to post about how maca is helping me. I’ve been taking maca for six weeks now and the bloating caused by my uterine fibroid has slightly decreased. This is great news! I’m also incorporating other remedies with my routine to help shrink the fibroids but can definitely tell that the maca is working. I was told that the maca will definitely shrink the fibroid given time like three months or so.

    • Wendy Vineyard
      5 years ago

      I’m so happy for you! Fibroids are a problem for many women. There are many natural solutions for fibroids – working with a homeopathic physician is another method that works. Please report back to us here in a few months. I’d love to hear about your progress.

  5. Jenny Clarke
    5 years ago

    i started pre menopause at 38 after getting my first period at 11 years old. Im now 56 and still have symptons so im keen to try maca root as im on hrt and i thought id be through it all by now.Do you recomend it for my circumstances?

    • Wendy Vineyard
      5 years ago

      Are you asking if it’s safe for you to use a food that can affect your hormone balance while you’re using hormone replacement therapy? The answer is I don’t know, but you may decide to experiment for a few weeks and see how you feel. Many women and men use maca root for increased strength and endurance during workouts.

      How long have you been on HRT and why are you on it? Are you using the bioidentical kind vs conventional made with derivatives from the urine of pregnant mares? ‘Bioidentical’ is as much of a marketing word as a scientific word. In my opinion, if your body didn’t produce it, it’s not natural. The whole concept of adding hormones to your body just seems ‘wrong’ to me. Long-term use of hrt is not recommended because there are risks associated with using any drug – and I assure you – hrt is a powerful drug.

      Your body should be able to produce the hormones it needs naturally, perhaps with the temporary assistance of a few herbs and other health-enhancing strategies. If you decide to gradually wean yourself off the artificial hormones, I strongly suggest that you do a nutritional cleanse to clear your system – I recommend the Isagenix 30-day system and have used it personally for 6 years. After cleansing you could get started on the herbal alternative of your choice.

      Many women have had great success with herbal ‘hrt’ such as the tablets created by Bell Master Herbalist HRT Menopause Combo. Another effective remedy for many women is DIM.

      Hope this helps!


  6. cathy (cat) cossey
    5 years ago

    Hello Wendy, Just last nite I had to take all my clothes off – when I got to sleep. OMG those terrible hot flashes. I had a complete overhall in 2006.

    In 2010 my thyroid shut down and because of hormone replacement my blood pressure shot up and I had a mini stroke.

    So I can’t take any hormones just all natural pills for those hot flashes and brain fog and all the other stuff. Yes I have panic attacks so I’m on antidepressants, high blood pressure meds, thyroid meds low dose of 81 mg aspirin daily. What a mess of stuff women go through. Do you think there is relief for me?

    Thanks for all that you do. cat cossey

    • Wendy Vineyard
      5 years ago

      Hi Cat:
      You’re ‘fighting’ on a lot of fronts. I’m sorry your health is giving you so many problems, but they can be fixed!!
      I encourage you to implement only a few of my suggestions at a time – your choice – whatever is easiest. Change can be challenging, so don’t overwhelm yourself. Just know that every positive change you make will contribute towards healing, and will have positive effects on all those problem areas at once!! Let’s start with a few questions…
      What’s your diet like? Do you eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day?
      Do you eat ‘sea vegetables’ or take a seaweed supplement? This is very helpful for thyroid function.
      How frequently do you eat fried food? In my opinion, you should avoid it as a rule – except for occasional treats.
      How much water do you drink daily? You need 1 1/2 to 2 liters, depending on your weight.
      Speaking of weight, how is it – high, low?
      Do you drink carbonated drinks? Stop – they contribute to osteoporosis.
      Are you taking a good calcium supplement? Start.
      Are you taking a mineral supplement? Start. Food is low in minerals and they are essential for good health.
      Do you take B vitamins?
      Do you take a good 2:1 calcium/magnesium supplement? Very helpful with high blood pressure and bone density.
      How about Vitamin D?
      Please start taking these supplements ASAP!!
      There are herbal menopause supplements that support your body to produce the hormones you need and may be helpful for you once you have your diet under control. Read the labels – they’re formulated for different symptoms.

      It’s essential that you avoid these inflammatory foods:
      1. Red meat
      2. Dairy
      3. Gluten – no wheat, rye or oats – includes flour made from wheat and all products made from wheat flour.
      4. Nightshade vegetables- tomatoes, eggplant, paprika, all peppers, goji berries and white potatoes (sweet potatoes are okay). These plants contain toxins which overload the immune system.
      5. Toxic fats such as shortening and margarine. Trans fats lay the ground for degenerative illnesses to take place. They’re notorious for increasing levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol, while lowering levels of ‘good’ cholesterol. They have also been found to promote inflammation, obesity and resistance to insulin. Count on the fact that trans fats are used in commercially prepared deep fried foods, fast foods, commercial baked goods and foods prepared with partially hydrogenated oil, margarine and vegetable shortening.
      6. Vegetable oils (especially soy and canola). Use olive oil and coconut oil instead.
      7. All refined sugars are highly inflammatory. Sugar, and the ‘foods’ it contains, negatively affects many conditions and diseases including psoriasis and diabetes. Avoid white or cane sugar and high fructose corn syrup.
      8. All artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, saccharine, sorbitol, xylitol and many more that you find in diet products and chewing gum are poisonous. Ever try to find gum or mints made with sugar instead of artificial sweeteners? You’ve got to go to natural food stores and buy candy/gum with Xylitol, which is a sweetener that is actually good for your teeth!! Did you know that Aspartame causes weight gain? Sweet alternatives in moderation: stevia is the best, coconut syrup, brown rice syrup or honey. Avoid juice, soda, other sweetened drinks and alcohol. Drink lots of purified water instead.

      NOTE: Other common inflammatory foods are shellfish, fried foods, yeast, smoked foods, peanuts.

      Good luck!

      Let me know how you are in a month. You can take charge of your health and wellness when you use food and supplements as medicine.



  7. teresa
    5 years ago

    does maca have any caffine in it or stimulates does it have side effects and does it work please let me know

    • Wendy Vineyard
      5 years ago

      Maca is a root vegetable. No caffeine. As for side-effects, nothing I know about except the note at the end of my blog.

  8. Cheryl
    5 years ago

    Is it better to use the powder or capsules and should you look for anything in particular when buying the powder or the capsules. Will capsules work as well as powder and how much mg per day is a good dosage for results? I am primarily interested in using it for menopause weight loss help.

  9. Clara marley
    4 years ago

    How many pills of maca should I take daily

  10. Stella
    4 years ago

    Hello, Wendy! I am so grateful that I stumbled upon your blog!

    I am 51 and have been suffering from peri-menopausal symptoms for a few years. I’ve had very heavy bleeding, horrible insomnia, hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain and hourly mood swings. My quality of life was zero and my husband was at his wit’s end trying to help me. My traditional Ob-Gyn had nothing to offer other than prescriptions, Prometrium for hormones, Zoloft for hot flashes, and Ambien to sleep. No thanks! I didn’t want to go the drug route but had already tried progesterone cream, black cohosh, soy, chasteberry, red clover, among others and nothing helped–actually even a very low dose of progesterone cream made me very sick with extreme vertigo.

    I read about Maca and thought I had nothing to lose. I don’t want to jinx myself but within a week of trying this supplement my hot flashes have all but disappeared. My mood has improved so much it’s as if someone flipped on a light switch. For the first time in years, I feel more like the me I recognize. I’m now able to fall sleep and stay asleep without waking up drenched in sweat. I know it’s early days, but I am amazed and very hopeful. For anyone who is suffering with hormonal imbalance, I would highly recommend giving Maca a try. I wanted to mention that I’m very sensitive to medication in general so I started out with a very small amount–1/2 capsule a day. So far–so good!

  11. Sarita
    4 years ago

    I have been taking Royal Maca powder for the last 3 weeks. I started with a 1/4 tsp and then worked up to 1 tsp sometimes 11/4 but my hot flashes especially at night have not subsided. During the day they come and go. Is this not working for me or do I need more? I also go for regular acupuncture but not sure if that is really helping me either. I have tried so many types of products over the last 5 years since my peri-menopause started…some work and many don’t but I truly believe that the Maca can work its just I don’t know how much to take for it to stop the flashes completely. A little more on me in case you ask – I’m 49, I am gluten free, I don’t drink, smoke or eat fried foods, I have low bp, cholesterol and am in fairly healthy…just these darn hot flashes. So any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  12. Miranda
    4 years ago

    I am having trouble finding this. Any suggestions? I suffer from extreme hot flashes throughput day and night. Mood swings from highest highs to lowest lows. Complete fatigue week prior to menstration which varies between one day spotting and inability to leave the house for three days do to heavy bleeding followed by three weeks of average bleeding(changing pads and tampons every two hours). My occupation is riding horses competitively and this presents much difficulty.
    Had a complete thyroidectomy and take at our thyroid daily. Will this interfere?
    Any assistance is appreciated!

    • Wendy Vineyard
      4 years ago

      Natural food stores have maca in dry powder form and capsules. You can order either variety through my website or by clicking on this link: Decide to use it for 2 or 3 months and pay attention to how you feel. There is no one thing that works for everyone. I like Maca and I like supplements that have DIM – a derivative of brassica vegetables. Or, you could just eat more broccoli, kale, cauliflower, etc. and see if that helps. Isagenix has just come out with a vegan shake made with 22 grams hemp and pea protein and brassica veggies and sprouts that I think is based on perfect nutrition for perimenopausal women. It’s delicious and tastes like berries! To order, sign-up and save by clicking here:

      Re: excessive menstrual bleeding: please see my blog posts about Shepherd’s Purse, or if you’d like to explore more options for your unique situation, I can show you attractive, concrete ways in which you could improve your quality of life during menopause. You would at least want to look at them to hear what’s available, wouldn’t you? You may want to book time with me to discuss how to do this so you can feel good again fast.

  13. Cat
    4 years ago

    I’m really suffering from mood swings, on a regular, monthly basis – which suggests hormones to me (I’m 47, no menstruation in 6 years ).It is so bad, I was assessed & treated for bipolar .Lithium, treatment of choice, made no difference except massive weight gain :(

    Would maca help with this? Half the month I’m fine, half the month exhausted, anxious, irritable Feel different ( unpleasantly) about everything, just not me. I feel I’m losing half my life – plus this causes problems in my relationships & work

    • Wendy Vineyard
      4 years ago

      Hi Cat: There’s limited scientific research about maca, so I can’t advise you about your particular situation. It’s a food, so it’s likely to be safer than many drugs. If you want to use it, you’ll have to experiment on yourself. You can also search my website for ‘cruciferous vegetables’ and increase your daily intake.

      Have you considered doing some inner work to release negative emotions and limiting decisions? (We all have them.) At mid-life, our unconscious minds often decide now is the time to resolve/release unresolved emotional stuff from childhood. You may think you’ve ‘dealt with it’, but if you feel uneasy or uncomfortable when you think about your childhood or a particular event, it needs your courage to deal with it NOW. Stuffing emotions is not a long-term strategy and you can gain a lot of personal and physical peace by taking the time to work through old emotional stuff with a qualified practitioner. I recently became a board-certified coach in the top mind-body tools on the planet. If you’d like to learn more, please go to

  14. Laura
    4 years ago


    I have entered peri-menopause at 40, but my worst symptom is the all day long anxiety. Which came with dizziness and gas/bloating/burping. I’ve been to 6 different drs and two dozens appts in the last six months.

    I also have SVT, and take a beta blocker. I used to only take it upon episode but lately I take i daily. Although my TSH is normal – but dr just requested a T3 T4 panel to really check (thank goodness)

    But can I take Maca Root? Does it have adverse effects to a beta blocker? Will it put my heart into over drive? I can not drink caffiene at all.


    • Wendy Vineyard
      4 years ago

      Hi Laura: I cannot advise you re: contraindications for Maca root. It is a food, so you’ll have to work with your doctor or continue to search the internet for the latest research on maca.

      Your unbalanced hormones need to be addressed. Check out the Lorna Vanderhaeghe product ‘EstroSmart’.

  15. Matthew
    4 years ago

    Here is a tough one! My name is Matthew and about a year ago I had testicular cancer and had to have my testicles removed! Since then I have began a type of male menapause characterized by hot sweats, mood swings, etc.. Will maca root help males in this same situation since it helps regulate hormone levels?? Is this a regulator for male hormones as well ?? Thanks

    • Wendy Vineyard
      4 years ago

      More research has been done on Maca’s benefits for men, than for women. It’s certainly worth a try. I’m surprised you’re not taking male hormones after your surgery.

  16. suzy
    4 years ago

    I just started taking this today. Suffering! I also have adrenal fatigue and hypothyroid. Am hoping this works for me! Thank you for this article. It answered a lot of my questions.

    • Wendy Vineyard
      4 years ago

      You will be interested to read the interview I did with Lorna Vanderhaeghe. “Failing to cope well with stress can make you miserable during your menopause years”

  17. Jane Lytle
    4 years ago

    i started taking maca about 3 weeks ago and it worked good til a few days ago then my night sweats came back with a vengence (and my diurnal hot flashes) – so now i’m trying to find something else that might work – i’m 71 and don’t have ovaries or a uterus and haven’t had them for well over 20 years. my doctor prescribed 3 different hormone treatments and none of them worked. pretty annoying !!

    • Wendy Vineyard
      3 years ago

      Hi Jane: You may find relief by taking a supplement specifically to rebalance women’s hormones at any age. There are two I like: EstroSmart by Lorna Vanderhaeghe and EstroNorm by North American Herb and Spice. Both are reasonably priced. I also strongly urge you to eat more cruciferous veggies – Cruciferous vegetables contain antioxidants (particularly beta carotene and the compound sulforaphane). They’re high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. They also contain indole-3-carbidol (I3C). This element changes the way estrogen is metabolized and may prevent estrogen driven cancers. Cruciferous vegetables contain a kind of phytochemical known as isothiocyanates, which stimulate our bodies to break down potential carcinogens (cancer causing agents).
      Arugula, Bok choy, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Chard, Chinese cabbage, Collard greens, Daikon, Kale, Kohlrabi, Mustard greens, Radishes, Rutabagas, Turnips, Watercress

      Hope this helps!


  18. debbie
    4 years ago

    Just wondering , what is your opinion on the different kinds of maca ? My local health food store carries yellow red and black , I’ve been told that each type could be used for different symptoms. And should they have the same dosage ? Are there risks to taking too much esp. starting off ?

    • Wendy Vineyard
      3 years ago

      I’m not aware of the distinctions for use of maca based on color. Maca is not a well-researched herb. No money in it for researchers to bother. However, when you eat more cruciferous vegetables magical things can happen inside your body. Other cruciferous veggies include: Arugula, Bok choy, Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Chard, Chinese cabbage, Collard greens, Daikon, Kale, Kohlrabi, Mustard greens, Radishes, Rutabagas, Turnips, Watercress.

      Hope this helps!


  19. Diane Adams
    3 years ago

    Hi, I’m interested to know if the maca root is safe to ingest if I am prone to ovarian cysts. I’m perimenopausal and need relief from the horrid sx. I wanted to try black cohosh but I read that it can make cysts worse. Thank you for your response.

    • Wendy Vineyard
      3 years ago

      There’s not enough research on the effects of maca root on women for anyone to tell you whether or not it is safe to use when you have ovarian cysts. I’m assuming that the cysts are benign. You may find your perimenopause symptoms improve when you cut out sugar, foods with gluten, most carbs, increase protein e.g. eggs and whey protein shakes, eat more cruciferous veggies, avoid fried foods and take a hormone balancing natural supplement. Oh yes, do something specific to manage your stress. I cover this in my upcoming book Powerful Habits to Grow Younger Every Day – Look and Feel 10 Years Younger Naturally! If you’d like to receive a free electronic copy of my book when it is published later this year, go to and enroll!

  20. Wendy
    3 years ago

    I started taking maca a couple of years before I went through menopause. It helped tremendously with pre-menopause symptoms and increased my sex drive. At that time, I was taking one capsule a day. Fast forward to the present day, two years after menopause — the maca is having very little effect on my hot flashes and headaches. The only relief I get from the maca is when I take six capsules a day, and that is only minor relief of symptoms. So even though maca can be very helpful, it definitely has its limits, at least in my case. I also have to disagree with the author about how it taste — I found nothing about it pleasant. I tried to take it raw and had to return to the capsules. It seriously made me gag. I would recommend maca to any woman dealing with menopausal symptoms, but I think this article exaggerates its effectiveness.

    • Wendy Vineyard
      3 years ago

      Every woman must take responsibility for her own health and well-being and find what works for her. Something that works great for one person is useless for another. Sorry about that! It’s just the way it works.

  21. Linda
    3 years ago

    Hi there, very informative forum. Thank you. I started using maca root a few months ago but sporadically. It wasn’t until I talked to a friend of mine about menopause symptoms that she said that maca root worked for her. She said she took it for a few weeks at a time and would go off of it for a bit. Whenever she felt the symptoms returning she would start taking it again for 10 days she has continued like that for awhile now. So I thought I’d make a very good effort to take everyday. I’d been taking 1 tsp every morning for just over two weeks. I noticed that I had bad indigestion for about a week increasing to nausea. I thought I was stressed or anxious about something but it wasn’t going away. I then traced back what had changed recently and I realized it may be the maca root. I goggle several sites and they day it could be a side effect. I have since been off it for two days now and the nausea is still here. Any thoughts on this? I have noticed a huge improvement in my behavior and mood for the better!! and my sleep patterns seem to improving also. It seems that the maca root has made a huge difference. Except for the horrible nausea. Help!! This seems to the only supplement that has relieved my menopausal symptoms.

    • Wendy Vineyard
      3 years ago

      You may need to try maca in a different form. You are taking the powdered form of maca, why not try a capsule or tablet and see if that makes a difference in your nausea?

  22. Sally
    3 years ago

    I’m 49 years old and was on birth control since 18 and then HRT at 46 because I started menopause early. The worst symptom I had was the panic attacks – they were awful and I had to keep Antivan on hand just in case I had an attack at work. Last month, I had to have a breast biopsy that turned out normal but it scared me to death so I decided to get off HRT. First weekend off the HRT and I had a horrible panic attack while I was on the computer doing research on Maca. I made my husband drive me to the nutrition store to buy some. I have to tell you, Maca has been a Godsend. No more panic attacks and it only took a few days to kick in. I take two pills a day and they work fine. It’s been a month now and I’ve never felt better.

  23. Celia
    3 years ago

    I take Maca with dim in capsule form and I’m not taking 3 a day because my hot flashes were happening more throughout the day, and night sweats every night. I started out with one a day for a week then two a day the second week and now up to three a day. I have inflammation in my blood which makes my blood thicker and wanted to know if using Maca with dim, because of the kale etc., is good for me to take?
    Thank you,

    • Wendy Vineyard
      2 years ago

      Hi Celia: I cannot answer your question because I don’t know enough about you or your health. With my clients I do a detailed intake process so I get to know you as an individual and can give you customized suggestions. Good nutrition is always a good idea.

  24. tracy christie
    3 years ago

    Does maca interfere with the effectiveness on the contraceptive pill please. Still on the pill but with a v irregular menstrual cycle and many peri menopausal symptoms i want to use maca to ease mood swings, insomnia, eyebrow hairloss and low mood as well as bad skin condition and itchy scalp. Many thanks. I am 48 and doctor willing to put me on HRT but we have agreed i try maca 1st.

    • Wendy Vineyard
      2 years ago

      I don’t know if maca affects the effectiveness of birth control pills. There isn’t enough research on it yet. Maca can be effective for a lot of things, however, you’ve still got to eat well, exercise and have a positive outlook for your life. There’s no magic pill.

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