Uterine fibroids that cause menstrual flooding and anemia may be cured with Vitamin D!


Vitamin D, fibroids, anemia

A new study indicates that Vitamin D from sunshine or liquid Vitamin D supplement may prevent or shrink uterine fibroids.

“A new study published online in the journal Biology of Reproduction has found that vitamin D may effectively reduce the size of existing uterine fibroids, and may even help prevent them from forming in the first place. Each year, roughly 200,000 women undergo a surgical procedure that involves the removal of their uteruses due to the growth of non-cancerous tumors known as uterine fibroids.”  – From Natural News.com – Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wendy Vineyard comments…

I’m really excited that it looks like one of the causes of menstrual flooding can be easily eliminated without surgery now that exciting new research indicates that regular exposure to the sun or use of Vitamin D drops is helpful to shrink uterine fibroids!

Although fibroids are not a symptom of menopause, many women experience the distress of uterine fibroid flooding and pain during their menopause years.

The recent study that pinpointed the helpfulness of Vitamin D indicated that the daily equivalent to a drop and a half of liquid Vitamin D was enough to shrink fibroids in laboratory rats.  

Now, I’ve always been suspicious about animal studies – I don’t like them because they use animals like ‘things’ – and I’ve often thought that just because something works in an animal who says it’ll work in a human being? In this case, what the heck? More than half the population of North America is deficient in Vitamin D and it can only be a good thing to get more of it. (See below for the health benefits of Vitamin D)

I’ve had uterine fibroids for years that my gynecologist has offered to remove surgically. I’ve politely declined because I thought her method seemed drastic, invasive and there must be a better way. It turns out there is and it’s sitting in my kitchen cupboard. I already have Vitamin D drops – I just need to take them more consistently!  

I’m motivated because my fibroids caused heavier periods that last summer led to severe anemia and the need for four iron transfusions to get well again! 

I don’t have heavy periods every month, but every month I now follow a three-step routine to prevent excessive blood loss during menstruation and the anemia that can result over time.

  1. As soon as I notice I’ve begun my menstrual period I take a homeopathic remedy called Phosphorus (30 CH potency). This remedy is a specific to reduce bleeding from any cause.
  2. Next, I make myself a pot of red raspberry leaf tea that I drink all day. I might do the same thing the next day, if the bleeding has increased past what I think is normal for me. Red raspberry leaves are astringent (drying)and have lots of minerals and vitamins for overall good health.
  3. Every day of the month I take a teaspoon or two of a liquid iron supplement and a teaspoon of Yellow Dock tincture in water. The iron capsules that my hematologist strongly recommended gave me painful intestinal gas and cramping, so I looked for and found what works for me.

 Now, with the news about Vitamin D being an effective treatment for uterine fibroids, I’ll likely continue with Step 3 because I am a vegetarian and need a regular source of iron while I’m still menstruating, and I’ll make sure I take my liquid Vitamin D daily.

FYI: many nutritional experts recommend that a therapeutic dose is 4,000 IU to 6,000 IU Vitamin D daily. I’ve read reports of people taking much higher doses for several days to successfully treat conditions such as fibromyalgia and genital herpes! Vitamin D enhances the functioning of your immune system.

This news about Vitamin D and fibroids is more proof that cause and cure are the same for many illnesses and conditions – getting enough essential nutrients for your body to function in its optimal state of health and wellness.

Please leave your comments and questions here about today’s post about Vitamin D and fibroids.  I read all posts and answer as many as I can.

More Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplementation is safe, has no negative side-effects and is inexpensive. Vitamin D benefits include having a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. This is especially important for the elderly who are 95% Vitamin D deficient. Studies have found that people who have heart failure  are more likely to survive if they have normal Vitamin D levels. Several studies link sufficient levels of vitamin D with a reduced risk of colorectal, breast, prostate and pancreatic cancers. Vitamin D deficiency is indicated an increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes and the development of macular degeneration – a disease with a risk that increases as we age. TIP: Your body makes better use of vitamin D supplementation if you take it with your largest meal.

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  1. Rosemary Adiele
    5 years ago

    I AM diagonied with fibriod and for almost 2yrs we have been trying for a child but now that vitamin D can help i am so gland i will get you guys posted of any development

    • Wendy Vineyard
      5 years ago

      Rosemary, I sympathize with your dilemma. Please read today’s blog post for more remedies and lifestyle adjustments to reduce or eliminate fibroids over time. Here’s the link: http://www.NaturalMenopauseNow.com/?p=1641

      • Rosemary adiele
        5 years ago

        Thanks wendy

  2. Davina
    5 years ago

    I was diagnosed with uterine fibroid in 2000 and a recent scan showed that the fibroids has grown x 3 the size of my uterus. I have tried zoladex injection, vitex agnus castus, IUD but to no avail. The fibroid keeps growing and growing. My Gynaecologist has suggested going for an operation but i keep putting this off hoping there would be natural way or less invasive treatment for the fibroids. I am 40 years old and i have not started a family yet and i am very concerned. I am so glad to hear that Vitamin D may be a cure. I will start the course immediately and keep you updated of any development or improvements.

  3. Mary
    5 years ago

    I am so excited that this information is available to women! There are better alternatives than surgery! I will read more and continue to educate myself. I dont believe in speaking anything negative over myself. Doctors say I have symptoms of fibroids and I rebuke that junk in the name of Jesus. I am fighting anemia now. my cycles are PROLONGED and very very heavy. I’m very tired all of the time. Praying for each of you ladies! Thanks for the post. :)

  4. hawkgps
    4 years ago

    Cayenne pepper – In addition to being a great ingredient in spicy dishes, cayenne pepper has also been noted for its natural ability to boost the immune system and improve the body’s circulatory mechanisms. Improved blood circulation leads to better health and a stronger body, generally speaking. Cayenne also has natural compounds that reduce bleeding inside and outside the body

  5. Mae
    4 years ago

    It is sad that in these times of great advances in medicine, that people believe anything and everything that “professionals” tell them before they check out the evidence themselves. If you Google how much time you spend in the sun versus how much vitamin D is produced by such time, you will find the result to be far larger than the amount prescribed by the people who set the RDA. In some cases, a small amount of time can produce 10,000 IU, but only if we DO NOT use sunscreen.

    We have been told for a few decades to cover up, wear a hat and use sunscreen, which blocks the very UV rays that help to create this vital hormone in our bodies. We need to spend time and expose as much of our bare skin as possible to make vitamin D. And if you live north of the equator, you need to supplement in winter. Vitamin D does so many things to help our health and keep us vital, and the big pharmaceutical companies do not want us to know that keeping our vitamin D at optimal levels will prevent or, in some cases, cure the majority of health problems many people face including diabetes, cancer, joint pain, depression, and psoriasis. Once again, Google vitamin d deficiency and ?? and see how many studies have been done. It’s your health.

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