Product B testimonials endorse Isagenix telomere support supplement for youthful aging

Product B testimonials, TA65, telomeres, anti-agingIt must be time for an update on Product B, the telomere support supplement produced by Isagenix.

I noticed something VERY interesting in the mirror today.

But first, a bit of background…

My natural hair color is now a lovely shade of grey, but only my hairdresser knows for sure. Confidentially, I liked it better when I was a natural brunette. :-)

I’ve heard that many people who’ve been taking Product B for several months are noticing that their natural hair color is coming back with new hair growth. To me that change alone, would make taking Product B worth every penny!

Here’s the news… it’ looks like I’ve hit the jackpot!!

Yes, new brown hair is growing in my head too. Woo, hoo!!

But, the ‘old’ hair that was growing in grey is still growing grey.

I’m holding my breath. Will all my hair eventually grow in brown if I keep using Product B? Only time will tell!Product B, TA65, anti-aging, telomeres, Product b testimonials

Other changes I’ve noticed? I’ve been taking Product B since May 2011 and it took a few months for me to notice anything different.  I have consistent energy all day, I recover faster after exercise and my performances on resistance machines and on the treadmill are noticeably improved every couple of weeks. My skin is glowing and I have fewer wrinkles than I did a year ago!

Here are a few Product B testimonials from people who’ve been using it for several months…


Trudy Peterson, Minnesota

The first things I noticed immediatly after I started on Product B in May of 2011 were better sleep & more energy. Other benefits…I believe Product B helped heal a stubborn eye problem I developed after a car crash.  Also, I was self-conscious about age spots that were all over the back of my hands, now I’ve only got one or two on each hand and I believe those are going to go too.  I LOVE Product B.

Renata Lee, California (Isagenix Millionaire)

I’ve been on Product B for 7 months. Product B is the product of all products - the energy, the vitality, the mental clarity! I make sure I take it the first hour that I’m up along with the Ageless Actives from Isagenix. When I take them together, it’s a powerful combination. I wouldn’t do without it. We’re looking forward to increasing our dosages as we go. We’re experimenting with that right now. The testimonials from other people in our organization that we’ve received about Product B have been absolutely AMAZING! The results have been great, no problems at all!

Bob Newnam, California (Isagenix Millionaire)

I’ve been on Product B the same length of time as Renata. Basically, I feel the kind of energy that sustains me throughout the day. I just feel GOOD. We use a range of motion machine for that ‘kicks our butt’. We now recover faster and our results are noticeably better.

Marshall Spencer, Ontario, Canada

I’ve been using Product B for 6 months. The main benefits I’ve noticed have been in athletic performance and in recovery time between training for marathon running, and a decrease in my time in running 5K and 10K races. In addition, recently I increased my dose to 3 capsules in the morning and 3 in the evening and I’ve noticed a lot more energy through the day on a regular basis. No spikes, no lulls in my energy level. Sitting for any length of time makes me think I want to be doing something – not sitting around! It works well with all of the other products Isagenix has to offer.

Herb Cepeda, South Carolina (Isagenix Millionaire)

I’ve been on Product B for a little over 12 months and I’ve got to tell you that if you want to look better and feel younger for the rest of your life this is a product that you can’t go without! It’s the latest in what science has to offer towards human aging. So take Product B and be happy!

Tracy Brown, Colorado

I’ve been on Product B since May of 2011. The benefits I’ve noticed were not an immediate ‘hurrah, I feel the difference’ – they’ve been gradual. I don’t run out of energy. I maintain an endurance that I thought was really high as it was; it’s higher now. I have experienced much more flexibility in what was previously a nearly frozen hip. I’ve noticed many subtle changes, over time, since taking Product B. Since I had my youngest son 7 years ago, I’d lose lots of hair when washing my hair in the shower. Now, hair loss is minimal.  In the third and fourth month after I went on Product B, I noticed a significant improvement in my skin. I’ve had a skin condition all of my adult life that nothing seemed to help. I was told I’d have to be on a topical medication for the rest of my life. My skin became not as sensitive, not as ruddy and I notice over time that it’s getting even better!

Betsy Baum, California

I’ve been using Product B for almost 7 months. I’m 57 and I’ve noticed less grey hair coming in and better mental focus and clarity.

If you’re ready to improve your quality of life and see what Product B can do for you, take a look at my Isagenix website:

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  1. Frank Kessler
    4 years ago

    I will be starting to take Product B.

    I’d like to see how people that are taking the product are doing but not from individuals that are selling Isagenix products.

    Are there any of you out there?

    • Wendy Vineyard
      4 years ago

      Isagenix is conducting a clincial trial on Product B. They know that scientific evidence is important to some people.

      Product B is not a magic bullet. It’s part of a comprehensive plan to slow aging and increase quality of life. Isagenix has determined 5 Pillars of Health and has produced high quality products to address each area: 1. Cleanse toxic material that your liver, colon, kidneys, blood and lympth are unable to release from the food we eat, water we drink and air we breath; 2. Add essential nutrients that are no longer in our food supply because of modern farming methods and farm soil degredation; 3. Eat lower-calorie superfood that is highly absorbable by the digestive system to keep your body lean and muscled as you age; 4. Reduce the effects of physical and emotional stress by supplementing with B-vitamins and adaptogenic herbs; 5. Product B – all-natural herbal extracts and nutrients that support youthful aging at the cellular level.

      I counsel my clients to find a nutritional company they trust – one with integrity that promises no-compromise quality – and purchase their products, rather than buy one-off products recommended by shop clerks or magazine advertisements. That way you avoid natural food store confusion and overwhelm, and you are able to use products that were created to be part of a comprehensive system to work better together. I’ve used Isagenix products for more than 5 years and I have loved every product I’ve used – I’ve never been disappointed.

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