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Thanks to all the beautiful Wise Women who came to our first Menopause Meet-Up last night!

This was the first of six monthly meetings I’m hosting to provide a safe, comfortable setting for women to meet, support each other and learn effective natural methods of coping with menopause challenges. We’re creating a community of wise woman – an important resource for each of us during our unique menopause journey.  

Menopause is often seen as a time when we lose our sex-appeal, and maybe our minds(!), and have embarrassing problems ‘down there’. Some of us are afraid we’re going to ‘dry up and become less vital’ or suddenly become old after menopause.

My intention is for this group to co-create a positive menopause experience for each of us. Part of what contributes to the on-going stigma that menopause shouldn’t be talked about in regular conversation is the lack of discussion and positive role models in our own families.  Who do you know and trust who is willing to pass on their experiences and knowledge about menopause? Do you know anyone able and willing to reassure, inspire and inform you about what’s  likely to happen as you go through ‘the change’? Certainly you won’t get the information you need from your family doctor.

The best way to feel good about ourselves at this time of our lives is to talk to other women who are going through it too, or who have been there and are ready to report that with a positive attitude, there’s nothing to fear from menopause, and a lot to be gained! Hey, if you’re going through menopause and you will eventually, because it’s an inevitable life stage, you might as well do it with a positive mindset, don’t you think?

Meeting face-to-face last night freed us to laugh and share and learn from our each other’s menopause experiences, affirm each other, ask questions and discuss solutions to the challenges we’re facing.

I introduced my holistic approach towards menopause and how when we shift our perspective and are open to learning and growing, we can adapt and thrive during this exciting new life stage.  

Menopause is much more than the physical experience of ending menstruation. It can be unpredictable, confusing and definitely outside your comfort zone; and it can become an opportunity to use the wisdom you’ve acquired during your lifetime to grow emotionally and spiritually and be open to resolving once and for all, the emotional baggage you’ve carried around for years!  

Menopause is a natural life transition, much like puberty. It’s a life stage that’s designed to provide opportunities for personal growth and transformation. How do you intend to age? Menopause is an opportunity to examine your life and figure out what’s working, what’s not and what you can do to set yourself up for a lifetime of superior health and wellness. Menopause is an opportunity to focus on yourself after many years of taking care of the needs of family members. This is the time that you may choose to figure out your life purpose and how you can ‘think BIG’ and ‘give back’ during the several decades you likely have left to live.

During our meeting, I talked about the insights of octogenarian healer, author and Hay House publisher Louise Hay who says she no longer believes in working on a single issue such as menopause or weight loss. “…if people LOVE themselves, there are no problems that need working on. Self love is the core issue for everybody.”

I did a short presentation on overcoming sleep disturbances during menopause and offered several practical suggestions for achieving more restful, restorative sleep, including the following:

  • Enjoy a cup of chamomile and oatstraw, or peppermint tea 30 to 60 minutes before bed to help you relax, get sleepy and stay asleep.
  • Place 1-2 drops lavender essential oil on either side of your pillow when you’re ready to sleep.
  • Use homeopathy: A racing mind or ruminating about what happened that day can interfere with sleep. The past is over. Let it go. Homeopathic remedy ‘coffea’ can help you release those thoughts and relax enough to fall asleep. 

We finished the evening with a guided visualization to heal and love ourselves.

Our next Menopause Meet-up will be Thursday, December 1 at 7 pm. The topic is “Self-Help Tools You Can Use to Thrive During Menopause” – Learn how to use the menopause body-mind connection, Emotional Freedom Techniques, acupressure, and healing affirmations to take back control of your life. The cost is just $20 per session.

To register for this event, please go to http://www.meetup.com/Toronto-East-Menopause-Support-Group.

Please note, seating is limited, so please register as soon as possible to reserve your seat. All registrations must be confirmed by November 29th.

Curious about future meetings?

Menopause Meet-Up #3. Healthy lifestyle choices that set you up for an easier menopause – includes the latest research on nutrition, supplements, cleansing and exercise. (January 5, 2011)

Menopause Meet-Up #4. Master Your Mind – Avoid anxiety, overwhelm, panic, meltdowns and mood swings. Learn strategies and techniques for coping with the negative voice that lives inside your head – especially at menopause! (February 2, 2011)

Menopause Meet-UP #5. Juicy, sexy and vital for life! – Afraid menopause will make you dry up and lose your moxie? You’ve still got it baby! Here’s how to make it come alive and stay that way! (March 1, 2011)

Menopause Meet-Up #6. The Gifts of Menopause and Beyond. Where do we go from here? Wrap-up and Potluck dinner. (April 5, 2011)

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