Product B ‘After’ Photos – Do they show results like TA65, or is it too early to say?

Product B, TA65, anti-aging

Me with make-up and a smile!

Finally! Below are my Product B ‘After’ photos! Many of my readers have been asking where they are.

Ok, I admit I’ve been procrastinating. I’ve been thinking, why did I start this crazy anti-aging/menopause project in the first place?  The really crazy parts are asking my husband to take close-up photos of my face without make-up and posting them here where anyone can look and judge. I guess the judging part is partly why I started this. I want to work through that long-standing fear I have of being judged and found lacking – by others, and myself!   Menopause is like that. It is a time when long held ‘secrets’, shame issues and memories that we’d rather not think about bubble up so we can deal with them once and for all.

I like to think of myself as a courageous, open person who agrees to grow with every opportunity. So, if this is all about accepting an opportunity to grow, I grew!   My husband and I worked for hours getting these photos just right! Whew!    The photo at the top of this page is me, of course, taken today when I wore lipstick, eyeliner, face powder, eye shadow and a smile (our best accessory!).    My ‘Before’ photos taken on May 27th appear below, before the equivalent ‘After’ photos taken 3 1/2 months later on September 19th.       Boy, oh boy, did this second photo session ever bring up my Inner Critics, specifically ‘The Perfectionist’ and ‘The Underminer’!  The photos made me squirm and I rejected a lot of them! “My jaw is too soft.”  ”My right eye is squinty.”, “My hair makes me look like a boy.” “I hate the way my lips look so thin.” “OMG, I look my age!!” (I turned 53 on Friday.)    My husband, bless him, is a saint. He was an extremely patient photographer!! All he kept saying was “I think you’re being too hard on yourself. I think you look great!” as I rejected yet another dozen shots and we went back to take some more.  Eventually, I forced myself to ‘let it go’ and accept the photos you see here.

Now, even though I had my doubtful moments during the photo session, I still think I look pretty good for 53. Also, I have to say that I know that there are flattering photos and not-so flattering photos. If for some bizarre reason I had wanted to use the unflattering (After) photos that John took, I could have done that and given you a different impression than using the photos I chose.

This brings me to an interesting observation – I’m going to go deep here….It’s me in all of the photos we took today, and none of those photos are of me. These photos represent milliseconds of my life in this body I call ‘home’ in this lifetime, but those images aren’t me.  The incongruity of what displeased me about the me in today’s photos was this aging face and body doesn’t match how I feel inside – which is – ‘I am eternally ageless.’ I’ve really come to believe that!

I think the real lesson for me today is to see the whole outer shell (my physical body) as a bit of a joke I have to accept with grace, love it and let go of the need for it to be perfect. I know that even if I could turn back the clock to age 25, I would find flaws and things I would change. That’s what humans are like. We think that we’re not good enough at times, even though we’re perfect just the way we are.

Does Product B turn back the clock? So far, I think it enhances what I’ve already got – just like a smile or make-up. I’ve noticed that I feel more energetic and have more stamina; I heal quicker from bruises and slight cuts; and I need less sleep.

Will I keep using it? Of course! Since I have the means and the tool (Product B), why would I refuse to take care of the great gifts that are my health, wellness, vitality, physical beauty and strength – at any age?

Would I choose Product B or TA65 if I had the choice? I’d choose Product B because it’s all natural and part of a larger picture for maintaining health and wellness as we age. Cellular aging is only one aspect of growing older. Product B is intended to be used as one of the 5 Pillars of Health. To effectively slow aging we also need to reduce the stress we experience, eat more nutritious food and fewer calories, cleanse our bodies of toxins, and replenish with nutrients that are no longer found in our food because of modern farming methods.

Just to prove how crazy I am, I’ll make a commitment to post new photos on this blog in 3 months time – mid-December. Who knows what’ll happen between now and then?

Can you see a difference in the before and after photos below? I’m not sure. You be the judge. Please comment and share your insights and observations! I’m curious to know what comes up for you.

Product B, TA65, anti-aging

Wendy on May 27, 2011 – Before Product B

Product B, TA65, anti-aging, menopause

Wendy – After Product B

Product B, TA65, anti-aging, menopause

Wendy – Before Product B

Product B, TA65, anti-aging, menopause

Wendy – After Product B

Product B, TA65, anti-aging, menopause

Wendy – Before Product B

Product B, TA65, anti-aging, menopause

Wendy – After Product B

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  1. kerri shafer
    5 years ago

    Wendy, the changes might be subtle but definitely there! It’s not really a matter of wrinkles (because you didn’t have any) but it’s the position of your skin – it’s lifted. You look younger by about 5 to 7 years in the after photos.

    • Wendy Vineyard
      5 years ago

      Hey Thanks Kerri! I’m going to be taking new photos next week. Stay tuned.

  2. Kevin Shayne
    5 years ago

    Good work. Most people just don’t take the time to do the photo thing. It takes discipline. The outstanding thing is that unlike topical products that merely are tightening and moisturizing Product B is going after the cause of aging. Telomeres! This is what is lost on MANY people.

    They try to go after the topical and really can end up doing tremendous damage. For example, right now there’s a huge MLM company that is promoting their product. The problem is that it has several ingredients that are hormone disruptors. They are in fact quite damaging because in addition to that they go about tightening by using Alcohol based derivatives.

    When there’s a natural way to assist the body in obtaining benefits it’s interesting that people still seek chemicals and drugs. I guess they are good for us? Not.

  3. kerri shafer
    4 years ago

    Hi Wendy…would love to see some photo updates :) Also, what is the dosage you’re taking. I’m taking 3 twice a day and was wondering about yours (dosage). thanks.

  4. Kelly
    4 years ago

    Hey nice job wendy, Ive been wondering have you tried TA65 first and then product B. The difference is noticeable by the way you have that glow you know and your skin is seemingly more youthful. Whatever that means! Does product B have astragalosides and cycloastraglosid4 in it. What are the cost of productB and is it MLM COMPANY! Oh and don’t be shy your beautiful!

    • Wendy Vineyard
      4 years ago

      Hey Kelly – thanks for the compliment! :-)

      I haven’t tried TA65. I never thought of taking anything like this until I learned about Product B, which is much more affordable. I like the fact that it has multiple ‘active’ ingredients and is all natural to help keep telomeres long. That’s not the whole story for looking and feeling younger, of course. You’ve got to take good care of yourself in other ways – eat natural wholesome food, take high quality nutritional and herbal supplements, get to, and stay at, a healthy weight; drink lots of water etc. Yes, Product B is sold through network marketing. This is an excellent distribution channel for products that would take years for regulatory approval if they were distributed as drugs. Product B is a nutritional supplement. You can take a look at ‘most’ of the ingredients in Product B by going here:

  5. Riccardo
    3 years ago

    Honestly I think you look 10 years younger in the after photo. Just look at your jawline – it’s suddenly tighter and cinched in. Your skin and hair appear to have a youthful glow. And your big bright eyes have more life behind them in the after photos. Wendy you look great! No worries about posting photos sans makeup cause ‘You Glow Girl’!!!!!

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