Use EFT to Treat the Cause of Weight Gain

Many perimenopausal women eventually find extra fat in their bodies when they put on their jeans or look at the scale. Some are shocked because this is the first time they’ve had to think about their weight; others who’ve struggled their entire lives with unwanted body fat, have found another reason why they believe they’ll always be overweight and unhappy with their bodies.

For most people, the solution to losing weight – really, this means losing FAT – is not simply eating fewer calories and moving more, or finding the right ‘diet’. If it were, there wouldn’t be a staggering 73 percent of adult Americans who are overweight or obese.

Carrying around extra fat increases the risks for many ailments, including diabetes, heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, and some types of cancer. But this knowledge isn’t enough to change the situation.

Researchers in Australia have found that only about 3 percent of Australia’s population would participate in weight-loss programs – probably because they’ve given up on diets and exercise which only deal with one aspect of the weight-loss problem.

There are outer and inner reasons behind why the solution to fat loss, and keeping the weight off, can be multi-layered.

Outer Reasons

  • Poor quality food – The so-called foods in our grocery stores are unable to properly nourish our bodies. Instead, they’re preserved, packaged, and dead – no essential enzymes to help us absorb the few nutrients theymay contain. These ‘foods’ are manufactured to appeal to our taste buds with unhealthy starches, fats, salt and sugar, and disguised as real food. Most of the few ‘fresh’ foods – usually on the outside aisles and back of the store – are old, depleted and contain residues of chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.
  • Ignorance about nutrition – Few people know which foods are nutritious and don’t know what to feed themselves or their children. TV and Internet advertising encourages them to eat frozen pizza, dry, processed cereal and Coke.
  • Toxicity – All people carry around toxins in their bodies – even babies – which research indicates are now born ‘pre-polluted’. Our bodies elimination systems are overloaded and hold onto fat and water to coat these toxins in order to protect our internal organs. Nutritional cleansing is a vital action to keeping yourself healthy in our toxic world – and it has a fantastic side-benefit of fat loss. But why do a small percentage of people stop using the cleansing system that works and makes them feel fantastic, and go back to their old habits that keep the weight on?

Inner Reasons

Inner reasons for not being able to lose weight and/or keep it off, are one reason why diets don’t work, and the reason why some people can’t stick to a nutritional cleansing program that does work. Diets focus on food and food is not the issue. Emotions are. Which of the following reasons do you use to keep the fat on your body?

  • Your Inner rebel takes over – do you get tired of ‘being good’ and overeat to regain feelings of freedom and independence?
  • Using food as a reward – This works well for training dogs, but for humans it connects eating with feeling good – a dangerous game – especially when food is meant to fuel the body, not to be its only source of comfort. A healthy reward for hard work or comfort could be listening to music or playing an instrument for fun, dancing, going for a nature walk or doing a few yoga moves or stretching.
  • Early eating patterns – Sometimes food gets mixed up with uncomfortable emotions early in life and the two remain connected in unhealthy ways. Food may have been used to control or dominate you; your parents may have fought at the dinner table and you learned to bolt your food quickly so you could escape the emotional turmoil; maybe you were encouraged to eat when you were sad.
  • Fear of the consequences of fat loss – EFT Practitioner Carol Look asks several questions to help people who want to lose weight…What is the down side of reaching your ideal weight? – Unwanted romantic interest? Who would be upset or unsettled if you reach your target weight? – Jealousy or rejection from a friend or sibling? If your extra weight is a solution to a problem, are you willing to solve the problem another way? What might the problem be?
  • Social overeating – Do you overeat to soothe insecurities, social discomfort, and anxieties when you’re in the company of others, or maybe just specific people?
  • Overeating triggers – Situations, places or times of day can trigger overeating such as sitting in front of the television, visiting parents, going on vacation, etc.
  • Emotional overeating – Do you self-medicate using food to smother negative emotions such as sadness, loneliness, depression, boredom, guilt, frustration and discouragement. This is a temporary measure that creates feel-good hormones, but it ultimately results in making the problem worse.

Releasing the Cause of Emotional Overeating

Emotional Freedom Techniques (aka EFT or Tapping) is a little-known fat-loss solution that’s worked for thousands of people. EFT is a tool that frees people from the underlying inner causes of overeating. When you pay attention to the circumstances that trigger overeating, you can begin to identify the emotions that are unacceptable to you and can be released through Tapping.

To learn how to do EFT and use Tapping for fat loss, other menopause challenges – and pretty much anything else – the perfect opportunity is coming up, but you’ve got to register soon!! Starting on Monday, February 21 you can tap along with 20 experts for 10 nights during the 2011 World Tapping Summit. Register for free at: The Tapping Solution

 This is the real solution that will you achieve and maintain your health and wellness goals, and like your body again.

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