How to avoid the risks associated with hormone replacement


Modern medicine has turned menopause into a disease.

Doctors offer hormone therapy during perimenopause and menopause for symptoms such as hot flashes and mood swings because this is all they’re taught and all they know.


Sad that we take advice from anyone who wants us to take potentially harmful chemicals into our bodies on a regular basis, rather than investigate natural menopause solutions first. If you’ve ever agreed to ‘try’ hormone replacement and taken a good hard look at the information sheet from the pharmacist, you know the list of frightening side effects associated with adding hormones to your body.

Many women delay taking action for mood swings or night sweats at the start of menopause, when it would be most beneficial. It’s better to prevent a problem, than to treat it after it becomes bigger, more noticeable and more disruptive. Many women seek help with distressing menopause symptoms only after they’ve become intolerable and demand immediate relief! Hormone therapy usually provides faster results than herbs at the crisis point, but how much better to take herbs or homeopathy or use an energy medicine technique such as Emotional Freedom Techniques, that work with the body, rather than force it into an artificial state where it has been fooled rather than respected.

You may not know that hormone therapy is usually a long term solution, that when it ends, can bring back the same problems it was intended to solve. That’s what happened to my mother who was on HRT for 20 years. She, like millions of other women, was scared off HRT when a large clinical study found that HRT increased the risk of heart disease and cancer.  She went off the hormones and went right back into hot flashes and night sweats – somewhat ridiculous and definitely stressful for a woman in her mid-70s.

Call it hormone therapy or HRT or hormone replacement or bioidentical hormone replacement – it’s all the same thing. You’re putting hormones into your body that your body did not create. With the addition of these so-called ‘bio-identical’ hormones, your body will stop producing hormones of its own, when if left alone, it would continue to produce a small measure of its own hormones.  Your own hormones could help your body transition to its permanent post-menopause state of fewer hormones than during all of your life since puberty. Your own hormones could protect your body from osteoporosis and heart disease.

Why do we give away our power to anyone who thinks the answer to a natural life transition involves chemicals? It doesn’t make sense.

Now, of course, at this point I’ve got to agree that hormone replacement almost assuredly has a role to play in our stressed out, toxic world for some people. People who would choose to take a pill every day rather than take a supplement or herb that would nourish their bodies; people who waited too long to seek help and are in a very troubled state of health by the time they show up in their doctor’s office wanting a prescription. God love you and protect you ladies. You really let this one get ahead of you didn’t you?

And how about the woman who had a hysterectomy for whatever reason and finds herself in menopause hell because her body has been shocked into premature menopause? My dear, get thee to a doctor for some hormone replacement. You’ve been through enough already.

As for the rest of us…let’s slow down.

Take your time looking at your options. Find yourself a practitioner – naturopathic doctor, holistic health practitioner, herbalist, homeopathic doctor, doctor of traditional Chinese medicine – someone you trust who can help you on your journey to wellness.

Meanwhile all of us, at whatever stage of menopause we’re at, can nourish ourselves with herbal infusions of oatstraw, stinging nettle, red clover, and/or garden sage. We can choose to eat a piece of dried dulse daily and take a fish oil supplement or a vegan equivalent. It’s easy to take an anti-aging supplement that has Vitamin D, CoEnzymeQ10 and resveratrol such as the new one Isagenix introduced this year. It’s simple and delicious to cleanse your body of toxins on a regular basis.

Take care of yourself woman. Your body is all that’s between you and eternity, which you will agree is a very long time.

Don’t present yourself passively to your doctor and say ‘do me with those drugs ya’ got there doc’. It’s not right to take hormones because that’s what your friends do – it’s irresponsible, and downright dangerous! Look at the alternatives. They exist and they’re bountiful! Just look for them and choose one or more that feel right to you!

Have you got an opinion about this issue that you’d like to share? Please do! Let’s talk about menopause!! Menopause is coming. Won’t you agree that it’s better to embrace menopause and take charge of your own health and wellness, than to medicate yourself into a drug-dependent old age?

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  1. michelle
    5 years ago

    Where can i buy oatstraw?

    • Wendy Vineyard
      5 years ago

      I buy mine from a natural foods/health store that sells loose herbs from big glass jars behind the counter. You could also look for loose herbs online.

    • Wendy Vineyard
      5 years ago

      A product that I personally found useful is from Bell Master Herbalist called ‘HRT menopause Combo’ – Bell Product #33. There’s no ‘actual HRT’ in this product, but the herbs it contains are proven to help regulate your hypothalmus/pituitary axis and help balance your hormones natuarally. (This product is not a magic bullet. You also need to eat a healthy diet and make other important health lifestyle choices.)

      I had fast results resolving my menopause challenges on this product. Not all natural menopause supplements are created with the same ingredients, in the same proportions. You may have to experiment with a few to find which works best for you and your menopause challenges.

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