10 Common Myths About Menopause

Myths about menopause can contribute to unnecessary fear and misconceptions about how menopause may affect your life. Your menopause will be unique to you and the only rule about this natural life event is that eventually you will stop menstruating!

The herbs listed below will help ease your way through uncomfortable menopause challenges and are available at natural food stores. They’re sold as herb combination teas, supplement capsules, tinctures, and in bulk as single dried herbs. Many supplement companies offer their proprietary formulas in capsules or pills and these may be easiest for you to incorporate into your daily routine.

  1. All women have an unpleasant menopause. Not true. Most women do experience signs of menopause , for example, hot flashes or mood swings, but about 15 per cent of women don’t. Why? Increasing numbers of natural health experts believe the main indicators for unpleasant menopause-related experiences are the cumulative effects of inferior diet and a sedentary, stressful lifestyle – being out of balance for many years.
  2. It’s inevitable that you will gain weight during menopause. It’s common, but NOT inevitable. In fact, some women lose weight as they approach menopause! Others may have food cravings and become more sedentary as they get older. Take action if you find you’ve gained 5 or 10 pounds. Don’t wait until you gain 50 or more pounds before taking action! Consider the benefits of regular nutritional cleansing which removes toxins from your cells, and has an attractive side-effect of weight loss in people who have extra weight to lose.
  3. All women have hot flashes. Research indicates that 75 to 80% of women will experience hot flashes and/or night sweats during their menopausal years. Many women have found that regular use of herbs such as garden sage, black cohosh, red clover, motherwort, seaweed, mistletoe, vitex and dong quai are effective for managing or reducing hot flashes.
  4. Hormone therapy uses natural estrogen. Not true. All hormonal drugs used in hormone therapy are manufactured and are synthetic, including so-called ‘bio-identical’ hormones.
  5. Menopause causes memory loss. Not true. Memory loss is not directly related to menopause. As men and women age, their brains reduce in size. In fact men’s brains decrease more significantly than women’s brains by mid-life. To enhance your memory maca root, gingko biloba, bilberry, oatstraw, speedwell, hawthorn, gotu kola and krill oil or a vegan oil blend supplement have all proven to be helpful.
  6. Women lose their interest in sex after menopause. Most post-menopausal women enjoy sex more than before menopause. This may be because they don’t have to worry about unwanted pregnancies. However there are many reasons behind a reduced interest in sex. For example, the abrupt drop in testosterone that happens with surgical menopause can cause loss of interest in making love.  (If you’ve noticed a lack of interest in sex, please see my $1 special report under the “Offer” tab on this website: “How to use natural remedies to stay hot and juicy before, during and after menopause.”)
  7. Menopause causes depression. Not true. Studies have shown that the greatest percentage of depressed women is in their 30s, not in their 50s. Low moods during your menopausal years could be connected to hormonal fluctuations and that can be aleviated by taking herbs such as a combination of vitex and St. John’s wort.
  8. Menopause only lasts 2-3 years. In fact, menopause can last anywhere from six to fourteen years.
  9. Menopause happens by age 52. The median age for menopause is 52 – this means about 50 per cent of women can expect to experience menopause by this age. About one percent of women reach menopause at about 40 years or even younger. Barring surgical removal of ovaries which results in immediate menopause and increases risk of serious illness, most women experience menopause between the ages of 44 to 56 years.
  10. After menopause your ovaries have no purpose. Not true. Your ovaries are responsible for the production of a small amount of estrogen and adrogens for 10 years or more after the onset of menopause. These hormones help protect women from developing heart disease and osteoporosis that increase her risk of bone fractures. Androgen deficiency affects bone loss, libido, muscular and fat distribution, your sense of well being, energy, and appetite.

 If you have questions or comments about the information posted on this blog, I want to hear from you! Let’s take menopause out of the closet and treat it like the natural, nomal process it is! Please contact me below.

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